GATE: Books for Mining Engineering Optional

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  1. Introductory Mining Engineering by Hartmann- Buy from
  2. Practical Graph Mining with R (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series) by Nagiza F. Samatova- Buy from
  3. SME Mining Engineering Handbook: 1 − 2 by Peter Darling- Buy from
  4. A Textbook on Mining Engineering, Volume 1 by International Correspondence Schools- Buy from
  5. Introduction to Data Mining: PNIE by Pang-Ning Tan- Buy from
  6. Miner's Rights & Mine Safety (Mining Engineering-Research and Technology) by Zachary M. Hughes- Buy from
  7. Introductory Mining Engineering by Howard L. Hartman- Buy from
  8. Mine Environment and Management: An Indian Scenario by A. B. Chaudhuri- Buy from

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