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Examrace GATE Aptitude Series (Postal Course)

Author: Subject Experts, ISBN: 978-0-9829216-2-3, First edition: 15-Nov-2010, Last revised: 2022

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Course Includes Following 3 Books

Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation

Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension

GATE study material for general aptitude and mathematics as per the revised syllabus of 2022 including lessons, notes, memory tips, and thousands of MCQs with detailed solutions with focus on integrated reasoning, verbal section & analogies.

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Examrace GATE Psychology Series (Postal Course)

Author: Dr. M. Jain, ISBN: 978-0-9829216-0-9, First edition: 24-May-2020, Last revised: 2022

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Course Includes Following 2 Books


Psychology New 2019 Topics

Concise notes covering GATE Syllabus for Psychology given in point-wise manner. It includes complete syllabus of Psychology covering general, developmental and physiological Psychology, applied Psychology with emphasis on clinical and organizational Psychology.

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