Examrace GATE Psychology Series (Postal Course)

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Author: Dr. M. Jain, ISBN: 978-0-9829216-0-9, First edition: 24-May-2020, Last revised: 2021

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Course Includes Following 2 Books

Psychology New 2019 Topics
Psychology New 2019 Topics

Concise notes covering GATE Syllabus for Psychology given in point-wise manner. It includes complete syllabus of Psychology covering general, developmental and physiological Psychology, applied Psychology with emphasis on clinical and organizational Psychology.

Easily handle psychology-scientific but with essence of social sciences. Includes special supplement covering new units added in 2021 syllabus! Clear all your concepts with our comprehensive and concise Examrace GATE Psychology Series getting closer to success in GATE:

  • Now solve Research-Based Academic Practices and Data-Based Decision Making which cover more than 65% questions.

  • Comprehensively covers the entire syllabus emphasizing the most important topics of Psychology.

  • Every topic is painstakingly researched focusing the key concepts that you need to know to ace the test.

  • Extra focus on concepts, connectivity, application, analysis and linking concepts with applicability in real world scenario.

  • Includes theories, applications and research quotes which are most important to help you answer direct and simple multiple choice questions.

  • Retention is what matters! Study material is formulated in point-wise manner to help remember and aid faster retention.

  • Numerous journals and research papers in psychology are referred to design this material.

  • Quality is what we aim at! This material rules out the junk and provides quality and relevant material.

  • Applied psychology section is something which is hard to find anywhere in such an organized and point-wise manner, Examrace GATE Psychology Series correspondence course aims to provide you with utmost simplification, making applied psychology a real fun.

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