Model Paper (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering-2021) : XH-C5, Psychology, Aptitude

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Q1. to Q10. are MCQ where only one answer is correct. Each question carries one mark.

Q1. While I Agree ________ his Proposal this time, I do not often agree ________ him.

(a) to, with

(b) with, with

(c) to, to

(d) with, to

Q2. The recent measures to improve the output ________ the level of production to our satisfaction

(a) Equalize

(b) Decrease

(c) Speed

(d) Increase

Q3. Select the word that fits the analogy:

White: Whitening:: Light:

(a) Enlightening

(b) Lighting

(c) Lightening

(d) Lightning

Q. 4 In one of the greatest innings ever seen in 142 years of test history, Ben Stokes upped the tempo in a five-and-a-half hour long stay of 219 balls including 11 fours and 8 sixes that saw him finish on a 135 not out as England squared the five-match series

Based on their connotations in the given passage, which one of the following meanings Does not match?

(a) Tempo Enthusiasm

(b) Squared lost

(c) Saw resulted in

(d) Upped increased

Q. 5 There are five levels in a linear supply chain before a product reaches customers, as shown in the figure.

The Liner Supply Chain

At each of the five levels, the price of the product is increased by . If the product is produced at level P at the cost of ₹ per unit, what is the price paid (in rupees) by the customers?





Q. 6 Climate change and resilience deal with two aspects – reduction of sources of non-renewable energy resources and reducing vulnerability of climate change aspects. The terms ‘mitigation’ and ‘adaptation’ are used to refer to these aspects, respectively.

Which of the following assertions is best supported by the above information?

(a) Mitigation deals with actions taken to reduce the use of fossil fuels

(b) Adaptation deals with causes of climate change

(c) Adaptation deals with actions takes to combat green-house gas emissions

(d) Mitigation deals with consequences of climate change

Q. 7 Find the missing element in the following figure.

The Missing Element





Q8. It was estimated that 52 men can complete a strip in a newly constructed highway connecting cities P and Q in 10 days. Due to an emergency, 12 men were sent to another project. How many numbers of days, more than the original estimate, will be required to complete the strip?

(a) 3 days

(b) 13 days

(c) 5 days

(d) 10 days

Q9. An engineer measures three quantities X, Y, and Z in an experiment. She finds that they follow a relationship that is represented in the figure below: (The product of X and Y linearly varies with Z)

The Product of X and Y Linearly Veriea with Z

Then, which of the following statements is false?

(a) is constant

(b) For fixed Y: X is proportional to Z

(c) For fixed X; Z is proportional to Y

(d) For fixed Z; X proportional to Y

Q. 10 The two pie-charts given below show the data of total students and only girls registered in different streams in a university. If the total number of students registered in the university is 5000, and the total number of the registered girls is ; then, the ratio of boys enrolled in Arts to the girls enrolled in Management is ________.

Perecentage of Students Enrolled in Different Streams





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