Postgraduate Admissions with MHRD Scholarship

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A candidate is qualified for Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Scholarship/Assistantship in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy/Sciences at engineering colleges/institutes in the country if he/she qualifies in GATE. To avail the scholarship, additionally, the candidate must secure admission to such a postgraduate program, as per the prevailing procedure of the admitting institution. GATE qualification by itself does not guarantee admission. GATE qualified candidates in Engineering disciplines are also qualified for the award of the Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. Some government organizations mention GATE qualification as very crucial for applying to the post of a Scientist/Engineer.

As per the directives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) , Government of India, the following procedure is to be adopted for admission to postgraduate programs (Master՚s and Doctoral) with MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship. The GATE performance of the candidate will be considered for admission. If the candidate is to be selected through interview for postgraduate programs, minimum 70 % weightage is to be given to the GATE performance. The remaining weightage (30 % maximum) can be given to the marks achieved by the candidate in his or her qualifying examination or interview. Candidates who are choosing for a general paper (XE or XL) should be further evaluated (by interview/written test) by the admitting institution. In such cases also the weightage for GATE score must be more than 70 % . The admitting institution will decide the minimum passing percentage of marks in the interview. Some Colleges/Institutes specify GATE as mandatory qualification even for admission without MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship.

Candidates who want more detailed information regarding the admission procedures and availability of MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship from the department of their interest or postgraduate office of the respective institution. GATE offices will not consider any enquiry about admission and award of Scholarship/Assistantship.

While qualifying in GATE is essential for all candidates seeking admission to postgraduate programs with MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship, the management of the postgraduate Scholarship/Assistantship is the responsibility of the admitting institution. The GATE Committee has no role in the award or disbursement of Scholarship/Assistantship. Also reservation of seats under various categories is as per the policies and norms prevailing at the admitting institution and the Government of India rules.

As per the MHRD rules, the award of postgraduate Scholarship/Assistantship to GATE qualified candidates is for a maximum time period of 24 months for Master՚s degree programs in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy/Science.

Additional Scorecards (up to a maximum of two) will be issued only once on request and on payment of ₹ 300 per card. Such requests should reach the Organizing Chairman. These cards will be labeled as Additional Scorecard-1 and Additional Scorecard-2 at the top. However, if the candidate changes his/her admitting institution by using the additional scorecard (s) , he or she needs to clarify the issues pertaining to his or her admission and Scholarship/Assistantship with the new institution where subsequent admission change is sought.

The GATE Score will comes in the range 0 to 1000. It shows the performance of a candidate, irrespective of the GATE paper or year in which he or she has qualified. Candidates with similar GATE Score from various GATE papers and/or years can be considered to have the same performance level.

Currently, students who are pursuing the Integrated Master՚s Degree and Dual Degree programs in Engineering or Technology are qualified to give GATE in order to qualify for the postgraduate scholarship in their own institutions. They are not qualified for admission to a fresh M. E/M. Tech. Program.

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