NTA NET Electrical Engineering GATE 2018 Higher Questions and Answers Part 2

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  1. (Topic: Analog and Digital Electronics)

(Subtopic: Operational Amplifiers)

(Sub-Subtopic: Ideal op-amp properties)

The op-amp shown in the figure is ideal. The input impedance is given by

Ideal op-amp

Ideal Op-Amp





  1. (Topic: Signals and Systems)

(Subtopic: Linear Time Invariant and Causal systems)

(Sub-Subtopic: Eigen value)

A continuous-time input signal x(t) is an eigenfunction of an LTI system if the output is

(A). , where k is an eigenvalue

(B). , where k is an eigenvalue and is a complex exponential signal

(C). , where is a complex exponential signal

(D). , where k is an eigenvalue and is a frequency response of the system

  1. (Topic: Engineering Mathematics)

(Subtopic: Linear Algebra)

(Sub-Subtopic: Eigen value)

Consider a non-singular 2×2 square matrix A . If trace(A) = 4 and trace() = 5 , the determinant of the matrix A is (up to 1 decimal place).

  1. (Topic: Engineering Mathematics)

(Subtopic: Calculus)

(Sub-Subtopic: Modulus function)

Let be a real-valued function of a real variable defined as where denotes the largest integer less than or equal to . The value of is (up to 2 decimal places).

  1. (Topic: Electric Circuits)

(Subtopic: Two‐port networks)

(Sub-Subtopic: h-parameters)

In the two-port network shown, the h11 parameter (where, , when ) in ohms is (up to 2 decimal places)

Two‐port networks

Two‐Port Networks

  1. (Topic: Control Systems)

(Subtopic: Transient and Steady‐state analysis of linear time invariant systems)

(Sub-Subtopic: Steady state error)

Consider a unity feedback system with forward transfer function given by

The steady-state error in the output of the system for a unit-step input is (up to 2 decimal places).

  1. (Topic: Engineering Mathematics)

(Subtopic: Numerical methods)

(Sub-Subtopic: Newton Raphson method)

The per-unit power output of a salient-pole generator which is connected to an infinite bus, is given by the expression, 𝑃 = 1.4 sin 𝛿 + 0.15 sin 2𝛿, where 𝛿 is the load angle. Newton- Raphson method is used to calculate the value of 𝛿 for 𝑃 = 0.8 pu. If the initial guess is 30°, then its value (in degree) at the end of the first iteration is

(A) 15°

(B) 28.48°

(C) 28.74°

(D) 31.20°

  1. (Topic: Electric Circuits)

(Subtopic: Sinusoidal steady‐state analysis)

(Sub-Subtopic: Locus diagram)

A DC voltage source is connected to a series L-C circuit by turning on the switch S at time t = 0 as shown in the figure. Assume . Which one of the following circular loci represents the plot of i(t) versus v(t)?

Locus diagram

Locus Diagram

  1. (Topic: Electric Circuits)

(Subtopic: Sinusoidal steady‐state analysis)

(Sub-Subtopic: Net Impedance)

The equivalent impedance for the infinite ladder circuit shown in the figure is

Net Impedance

Net Impedance

(A) j12 Ω

(B) –j12 Ω

(C) j13 Ω

(D) 13 Ω

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