GATE Electrical Engineering Higher Questions and Answers 2019 Part 5

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32. (Topic: Electric Circuits)

(Subtopic: Milliman’s Theorem)

The current flowing in the circuit shown below in amperes is _____________.

Source free RC network

Source Free RC Network

Answer: 0 A

33. (Topic: Electric Circuits)

(Subtopic: Power and power factor in AC circuits)

(Sub-Subtopic: Average power)

The voltage across and the current through a load are expressed as follows

The average power in watts (round off to one decimal place) consumed by the load is _________.

Answer: 588.89 W

34. (Topic: Electromagnetic Fields)

(Subtopic: Magnetic circuits)

(Sub-Subtopic: Calculation of reluctance)

The magnetic circuit shown below has uniform cross-sectional area and air gap of 0.2 cm. The mean path length of the core is 40 cm. Assume that leakage and fringing fluxes are negligible. When the core relative permeability is assumed to be infinite, the magnetic flux density computed in the air gap is 1 tesla. With same Ampere-turns, if the core relative permeability is assumed to be 1000 (linear), the flux density in tesla (round off to three decimal places) calculated in the air gap is _______.

Calculation of reluctance

Calculation of Reluctance

Answer: 0.834 Tesla

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