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GATE - one of the most prestigious and life-changing exam a future engineer have to sit through. The scores you get in GATE can completely change your career goals. Maybe that is why students start preparing for the exam since school itself, after all who wouldn’t want to join the top engineering colleges of the country and secure the future?

What if I tell you that irrespective of how much you practice or how ready you are for the exam, the scores can mess up big time? Moreover, it will be because of you! Sounds hard to believe? Keep reading to find out what we are talking about here…

Ask your seniors who appeared for the GATE Exam, the one problem they all have faced is Nervous Attack. Whether you are giving the exam for first time or third, you must have and are going to face this in this year’s GATE Exam.

Nervous or panic attacks tend to take the best of you away, by making you doubt yourself and make a mistake. Every student, irrespective of the exam faces this. However, considering the impact of GATE score on your career, you cannot afford to let something easily manageable like a Panic Attack come in your way.

Want to know how to control it on time to focus on the exam? Here are some ways, but you will have to start practicing them as soon as you stop reading:

Let us begin…

Control your thoughts

Exam anxiety can make your thoughts race out of control. Like if you are only 2% unsure of the answer, the anxiety will block your thoughts and make finding even an easy answer impossible.

It is very important that you learn how to control your inner voice. Mastering this will not only help you with exam, but with your life.

Don’t think about the outcome while solving questions

A number of us worry about what will happen if the score is not good. Will I ever get a good college? Will I be kicked out of home? Etc. are some of the thoughts that creeps in right when we are struggling with a question. If this is what happens with you too, tell your head to shut up.

Tell yourself it does not matter! The people who said live in present were right so let me focus on the paper. Even if I do not score well, there are plenty of great engineering colleges in India beyond IITs.

Practice saying these statements to yourself now and then. This will only relax your mind.

Maintain a strict time plan and avoid dilly-dallying

Set fixed time to every question. In case you find yourself stuck on the same question for more than 60 seconds, move on irrespective how close you think you are to the answer.

It is very important that you work on your time management skills. As it is the only thing that can get you extra time for revision and questions whose answers you are very close to.

Controlling your mind is not very easy, but is not impossible too. Identify your panic symptoms and control them on time. Have knowledge of the course, a healthy diet and sleep the day before the exam, being hydrated in the exam hall, and not looking at the watch every second. These are some of the ways that can bring you near to the goal of cracking the GATE exam and getting admission in India’s top most engineering colleges.

In the end, it all comes down to how well you manage and control your mind, so that it supports you when needed. It is not a day’s task, keep-practicing everyday religiously to get the best results.

Tripti Rai advises students on college

Tripti Rai Advises Students on College

Expertise area is GATE

Tripti Rai advises students on college, tips and tricks on time management. Her area of expertise is GATE Exam Tips and everything around it.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 14, 2015


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