G. I. C. Assistant Manager Exam Sample Paper 3

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General Awareness

1.The first metal to be used by man was:(a) aluminium(b) copper(c) iron(d) silver2.The present base year for calculating wholesaleprice index number is:(a) 1993-94(b) 1991-92(c) 1961-62(d) 1950-513.For respiration in deep sea, divers use mixtureof:(a) Oxygen and helium(b) Oxygen and hydrogen(c) Oxygen and carbon dioxide(d) Oxygen and nitrogen4.Who committed the most daring murder of SirCurzen Wyllie in 1907 in a public meeting in London?(a) B.N. Dutta(b) M.L. Dhingra(c) Sardar Ajit Singh(d) S.C. Chatterjee5.The Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justiceand:(a) 12 Judges(b) 15 Judges(c) 20 Judges(d 25 Judges6.The International Day for Elimination of RacialDiscrimination is observed on:(a) 20th February (b) 21st February(c) 20th March(d) 21st March7.‘New Horizons’ spacecraft was launched byNASA to study which of the following planet?(a) Mars(b) Pluto(c) Jupiter(d) Mercury8.Which of the following statements are true about‘2011 Cricket World Cup’?A. India will host the 2011 World Cup Final.B. The two semi-final of the mega event will be heldin Pakistan and Sri Lanka.C. The opening ceremony will be held inBangladesh.D. UAE will host the matches which will be playedbetween India and Pakistan.(a) only A, B and C(b) only B, C and D(c) only A, C and D(d) only A and D9.Which of the following trophies is related withthe game of ‘Football’?(a) Mumbai Gold Cup(b) Everest Cup(c) Merdeka Cup(d) V.C.C. Cup10.On which date is Life Insurance Corporation ofIndia completed its 50 years?(a) 5th July(b) 3rd August(c) 1st September(d) 15th September11.The minimum temperature at which a com-bustible substance catches fire is called:(a) fireless temperature(b) ignition temperature(c) static temperature(d) optimum temperature12.The temple of Konark was built by Narasimhaof the:(a) Maratha Dynasty(b) Chola Dynasty(c) Ganga Dynasty(d) Vijaynagar Empire13.Rigveda Samhita denotes one-fourth of itshymns to:(a) Rudra(b) Marut(c) Agni(d) Indra14.Ahalyabai, the saintly queen of Maheshwar(Central India) belonged to which dynasty?(a) Scindhya dynasty(b) Peshwa dynasty(c) Holkar dynasty(d) Rajput dynasty15.Which one of the following is not a constitu-tional body?(a) Election Commission(b) Union Public Service Commission(c) Planning Commission(d) Finance Commission16.‘Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)‘ hasnot yet been signed by:(a) India(b) China(c) Canada(d) United Kingdom17.Jadugoda mines are famous for:(a) iron ore(b) mica deposits(c) gold deposits(d) uranium deposits18.What is the Value Added Tax (VAT)?(a) A single tax that replaces State Taxes likesurcharge, turnover tax, etc.(b) A simple, transparent, easy to pay tax imposedon consumers.(c) A new initiative taken by the government toincrease the tax burden of high income groups.(d) A new tax to be imposed on the producers ofcapital goods.19.What is the name of the World’s smallestrepublic which has an area of 21 sq.km.?(a) Vatican City (b) Palermo(c) Namur(d) Nauru20.On Jan 10, 2007 India crossed another mile-stone with the successful launch of PSLV-C7 whichinjected into orbit for the first time four satellites, Car-tosat-2, SRE-1, Lapan-Tubsat and Pehuensat-1. Whichone of them is an earth observation satellite?(a) Cartosat-2(b) SRE-1(c) Lapan-Tubsat(d) Pehuensat-121.Which bank has launched India’s first loandisbursement card recently?(a) SBI(b) UTI(c) IDBI(d) ICICI22.Who has been named “Businessman of the Yearfor 2006” by Forbes Asia?(a) Nandan Nilekani(b) Mukesh Ambani(c) Vijay Mallya(d) Azim Premji23.Who is the 37th Chief Justice of India?(a) Ram Jethmalani (d) Y.K. Sabharwal(c) Bijibhai Patnaik (d) K.G. Balkrishnan24.‘Diet’ is a joint session of the Parliament ofwhich nation?(a) China(b) Japan(c) Vietnam(d) Germany25.Who is the author of the book, Amitabh—TheMaking of a Superstar?(a) Tushar Raheja(b) Vijay Singhvi(c) Susmita Das Gupta(d) Raj Kamal Jha26.Ban-ki-Moon who took oath on 14th Decemberas U.N. Secretary General belonged to:(a) South Africa(b) South Korea(c) Zimbabwe(d) Yugoslavia27.The first woman in the world to successfully doa free fall para-jump over the South Pole from a heightof 12,000 feet in a minus 33 degree Celsius tempera-ture, is:(a) Sheetal Mahajan (b) Manisha Lamba(c) Kangna Ranaut (d) Neha Ahuja28.Paris is situated on the river:(a) Danube(b) Seine(c) Tiber(d) Avon