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Get unlimited access to the best preparation resource for GMAT : get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of GMAT.

Kaplan GMAT: Premier Program is aimed to maximize a student՚s score on the GMAT, Covering an accompanying CD-ROM with additional questions and tests as well as an interactive online study planner that gives fresh practice questions every month and quizzes that can be downloaded to PDAs and cellphones for test-prep anytime, anywhere.

This comprehensive, up-to-date guide also focuses on Kaplan՚s exclusive test-taking strategies for getting higher scores as well as an online diagnostic test to target weaken areas for enhancing the scores. No serious test-taker should be without it.

Comparative Assesssment of Major Books

Here the crucial section is a comparative assessment of the major books, Hence it saves the time of candidates in searching the books, Following mentioned is an unbiased opinion and judgement regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular books.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review


  • Numerous practice questions are provided.
  • You might see the similar questions in the GMAT.
  • Practice questions are well framed considering the level of difficulty, However the last ones are difficult.
  • Free PowerPrep software comprises two practice tests similar to the GMAT.
  • Practice questions show the actual pattern of GMAT test


  • Test taking techniques are not explained.
  • Skills review sections are poorly designed.
  • In every practice section only the last 200 questions will be like the ones, Which can appear in GMAT.
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  • Outstanding review sections i.e.. . Both quantitative as well as verbal.
  • Practice tests are just like the original GMAT test.
  • Online tests are easy to review.
  • Enriches mind with the crucial test strategy and tips on how to crack GMAT questions.
  • Motivates and advises to practice with The Official Guide for GMAT Review.


  • Does not give the explaination that why a choice is incorrect.
  • Few practice questions.
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  • Outstanding quantitative review sections are given.
  • Appendix is very helpful.
  • Interactive software for understanding the Kaplan GMAT strategies.
  • Mock practice tests just like GMAT.
  • Generally practice tests and sections are tough, this generates a sense of urgency.
  • Numerous practice questions are provided.


  • The user interface of this software is old and slow, you are left to work with a little box on the screen.
  • No elaboration on practice tests and sections ′ answer choices.
  • Questions are far fetched and do not come in the GMAT՚s spirit, Which can take you towards the wrong path.
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Examrace GMAT Guide


  • Numerous practice questions are provided.
  • Every topic begins with a lesson to firstly understand the fundamentals well.
  • Practice questions are demarcated as easy and tough, which gives an idea about the levels of difficulty.
  • Every chapter consists of memory tips and learning shortcuts to save the crucial time.
  • Practice questions will indicate the actual GMAT test patterns.
  • Reasoning section and quantitative section are well framed.
  • Questions have solved solutions.


  • Practice software is not included.
  • Time duration is not covered, Hence the students lack in preparing the strategy of how much time should be devoted to one question.
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