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If you have come to this page, most likely you are a recent college undergraduate looking for career options. There are various different things you can consider like MS, MBA, getting a job or starting your own business. The crucial links pertaining to the articles which will help you in making a correct decision are as follows-

Who Should Go to Grad School?

  • Advice for Undergraduates Considering Graduate School
  • Basically, We suggest this article for people considering graduate school. This article will surely help you in deciding why you want to go to graduate school and provides an outstanding overview of the entire process.
  • Should You Go to Graduate School?
  • This is a brief article which talks about some crucial questions you should ask yourself when considering graduate studies.
  • Straight Talk about Graduate School
  • This article is from a guy who dropped out of the phd program and provides an essential warning series.
  • Should I go to graduate school?
  • This is similar to the above mentioned article and provides a reason why graduate school is not for everyone.
  • Should You Get a Job Or a Master՚s Degree?
  • The answers of the frequently asked question “Should you get a job right after undergraduate school or go directly on to a graduate program?”
  • My Perfect Resume
  • One of the most popular career tools is the resume builder with thousands of professional resume templates, which are extremely useful for folks looking to update or create their resume. Samples cover all industries and job titles, so people can effectively optimize their resume based on the position they՚re looking for:

Choosing between MS or MBA

  • “This article will take you through all the crucial issues you need to contemplate before making your decision of whether and when to obtain your MBA.” The following article elaborates various issues regarding the MBA especially the cost and work experience issues.
  • Why Do Companies Prefer MBAs?
  • The phrase “MBA preferred” gets a lot of play in Monster՚s online job listings. But what actually it really mean?
  • Why Engineering? -Article 1
  • “There would be a perception of the hard hat on a rainy day on a building site with rain trickling down the back of your neck or an engineer with his or her head stuck into a rusty engine. Most images are so far from the reality. it՚s a high-tech inter-personal profession with a large amount of teamwork with colleagues use of computers, high-tech equipment, financial analysis as well as planning. it՚s very far removed from the stereotype.”
  • It focuses on comparison between salaries of various fields and engineering. Though the data is quite old, but provides outstanding comparison.