Graduate Management Admission Test Preparation Tricks

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To get admissions to top business school, you must have an outstanding score in GMAT to make the application stronger. Here are some tricks for your success:

  • Maintain Consistency, not intensity: GMAT prep can be compared to learning game of chess. It is not only essential to learn and know all the concepts and tricks but also be confident and quick in using them. Rapid calculations are a must and it is important to enhance this skill with daily training sessions.
  • Have in hand a learning diary: The number of concepts are limited so there must be a good method to enhance and lower down the weak areas in order to maintain a learning diary. Therefore, one should write down every unknown preparation question and try to understand the correct answer and concept behind them. If you do this while preparing for GMAT, your weaknesses will decrease and you will get strength to cope with the tougher ones.
  • Have a preparation timetable: You must read a lot and take exponential approach in prep time planning; the closer you get to your test date, the more time you should plan for GMAT preparation. It is advisable to choose a test date that occurs towards the end of a period of holiday so that focus on GMAT increases.
  • Use laminated drawing board for Preparation: Many test centers offer only laminated drawing boards for calculations and sketches, so try to develop a good practice on those. Candidates must practice this during your preparation phase to cope with many surprises on test day as possible.
  • Do not overestimate preparation test results: Solve preparation test and practice papers and never overestimate the results, since these are not adapted to real empirical, standardized test results. Never be overconfident and consider yourself ready when you have reached your target score in these tests.
  • Practice hard: Many GMAT preparation tests are available from many sources and companies which are used by the better of these companies. Adaptive question algorithm is used in most test similar to the real test does. Therefore, it is good to use the same preparation test multiple times, as you enhance preparation tests with different questions and varied responses.
  • Make educated guess: This implies that you quickly rank the 5 possible answers in order of their suitability and remove the wrong answers, by this you can eliminate the wrong or irrational answer choices and then guess the correct ones.
  • Workout on your weaknesses: One should always know the GMAT test areas in which one is weakest. Try to set base level of prep questions in each category, which you need to sure up your knowledge, additional questions and time must be managed. So you can work on your weaknesses without losing concentration on other areas.
  • Exceed your target Score: Despite that you need only 500 − 600 to get a college of your choice you must aim at atleast 700 + GMAT score.
  • Manage your Time: Most of the aspirants run out of time, make sure you have enough time in hand to solve all the questions, therefore the key here is speed. In the quant section, you must be sharp enough to assess that in 60 minutes you are on question 7 and when you have 45 minutes left you are able to solve till question 15.