How to Crack Sentence Correction in GMAT Examination

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Describing sentence correction in GMAT Examination:

  • When you are preparing for GMAT sentence correction questions at that time you have to concentrate brief on grammatical rules.
  • Given expression will be verb agreement or logical meaning error.
  • You have to spent significant amount of time to prepare GMAT questions which are frequently asked in exam.
  • There must always be one important rule to be stacked to and cannot be easily classified.
  • So this rule should flash in your mind every time when you get any sentence correction problem and should often be considered when going through practice questions.
  • You will definitely fill that way such simple rule cannot ignore while examining available choices because it is easy to focus on the given alterations options and oversee the rest of the world and if you practice grammar rules then choice will be naturally strike in your mind.

Here is example of Sentence Correction question to justify the point:

Movie coupons will be available from tomorrow, they can be collected during working hours” .

(A) they can be collected during working hours.

(B) they can be collected during working hours.

(C) they can be available for collection during working hours.

(D) these coupons will be collected during working hours.

(E) they can be collected during working hours.

Here, B is the correct answer.

The second thing you have to learn is the underlined portion started with a comma and then there՚s immediately an “they” that we cannot modify.

That means that it՚s making partition in sentence and it will be just like

“Movie coupons will be available from tomorrow; they can be collected during working hours.”

Visit each choice and compare it grammatically till you find correct answer.

Normally students focus on underlining portion while attending sentence correction but they mistake their because it is the critical part of the sentence and if you examine whole sentence rather than only focusing on underlined portion you will get better idea and correct choice.

GMAT Percentile Chart

Percentile- Score

  • 94 %- Score 8
  • 85 %- Score 7
  • 70 %- Score 6
  • 54 %- Score 5
  • 46 %- Score 4 (Mean)
  • 26 %- Score 3
  • 17 %- Score 2
  • 0 %- Score 1