Tips to Crack GPAT 2021

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  1. First of all decide your goal that you should prepare to get admission in reputed institutes like NIPER, ICT, BHU, BCP, LM, MS Baroda etc …
  2. No need to study beyond the syllabus of B. Pharm.
  3. Likewise each and every other field time management is the main think to keep in mind.
  4. For that make proper time table which include all the subjects with sufficient time and also include proper revision time before exam.
  5. Pay attention to each and every part of syllabus because everything is important that՚s way it was covered in syllabus so don՚t think that any of this topic is not important.
  6. Do not try to solve Question paper before proper study, mining is first clear all concepts of subjects and then try for MCQs because if you attempt to solve them first then it might be possible that you will not able to solve it due to you have studded it before 2 or 3 years so it will effect on your confidence.
  7. After preparation of particular portion of syllabus try to attempt GPAT previous papers or demo papers which available online and analyze in which you have difficulty and further study according to it.
  8. It you have shortage of time for GPAT preparation than try to focus on portion which are subsequently asked in exam and revise it most, revision pays most important part note that and if you are not able to complete whole syllables than do revision of that points which you have learned before:
  9. When you are studding prepare point-to-point notes which will be easy for revision.
  10. Try to be relaxed on the one day before the exam.
  11. Eat healthy and light food.
  12. The exam format is online so no need for extra assessors but you need pen for ruff work and paper will provided from exam center.
  13. Do not forget examination receipt and if possible visit exam center one day before so that you will fill familiar with their atmosphere.
  14. Take proper sleep before one day of exam so that you will be fresh on the day of exam.

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