Frequently Asked Questions About NEW GRE?

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How many sections and questions are there?

There are 2 verbal sections with around 20 questions in each and 2 maths sections with around 20 questions in each.

What is the time limit for each section?

Candidates will get 35 minutes to finish each section of maths and 30 minutes to finish each verbal section.

If I miss a question, Can I come back to that question?

You can miss questions on the new GRE in both the maths and verbal section and with the scroll function, you can flag the question and come back to it later on. On the independent screen, you can click on any of the 20 questions.

Do the questions become tough if you answer each one correctly?

No. Questions within a section differed on the old GRE. On the new GRE, the questions you get on a section are fixed, despite of whether you answer them correctly or incorrectly. Using the scroll function above you can answer questions in any order. GRE is adaptive, but only between sections. This makes the new GRE a section-adaptive test.

What are new question types on the maths?

The maths section includes Numeric Entry (enter your answer into a box) . There will also be question type in which you will have to select any one of three answer choices (meaning all three could be correct) .

Which questions have multiple answer choices/multiple correct answers?

Sentence Equivalence questions in verbal section will have MCQs. Text Completions will only have one correct answer for each blank. Sentence Equivalence questions will always have EXACTLY two correct answers.

In Reading Comprehension, there are one or two questions per section that will have three answer choices and any of these three answer choices (or all) can be correct.

Quantitative section will have question or two in which you have to select all of the answers that apply.

What to know before you write an essay?

Issue Task has a time limit of 30 minutes versus that of 45 minutes for the old GRE. The Argument task still has a limit of 30 minutes same as Old GRE.

How does the new GRE adapt between sections?

Based on the number of questions you correctly answer on your first maths or verbal section, you can find second verbal or maths section.

What is the experimental section? Will it be graded?

You may get an experimental section when you take the New GRE. This section may come first or at last. There is no way to find which section was experimental. Also, if you have 3 verbal sections on the actual test, then 1 of them is experimental section. This section will not be graded, so don՚t guess.

What are the new question types on the verbal?

The verbal section will have around 4 βˆ’ 5 Sentence Equivalence questions and 6 Text Completions. A Text Completion can have one, two, or three possible blanks. To avail marks for the question, the blanks must be correct. Reading Comprehension questions now includes logical argument, that is generally presented as a short paragraph.

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  • Is there any option in GRE for MSc Geology?

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    You will have to appear for general GRE.

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