Preparations Regarding GRE

Doorsteptutor material for GRE is prepared by world's top subject experts: get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of GRE.

We believe that as you are here you have already made up your mind. You are one of the few people who are ready to take on the challenges of graduate studies in engineering. Congratulations and perform well.

Before you come to a conclusion, there is a general advice. Start your preparations early (this point cannot be ignored) . Giving the tests (GRE, TOEFL etc) preparing for them takes time. Also deciding the right schools, preparing your essays and applications is a very lengthy process and if you have time on your side then that is ultimately a biggest advantage.

Sometimes people missed very crucial opportunities, Either they have started very late or because something went wrong and they didn՚t have enough time.

Various links in the GRE section points towards official ETS test preparation material. That is the most crucial and conclusive material. It is advisable to use everything provided by ETS, As it is outstanding and free.

Registration for GRE

Candidates must register their names in advance as at some international locations, the dates are filled up very quickly particularly in the months of August to November.

  • ETS GRE Registration
  • In case if you are Registering via web or phone, It will prove very easy and convenient if you have a credit card handy with you. Registering through a phone provides more than one choice regarding date and center.