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Machine Input Output Problems (Part 1) - Cracking All Problems by Grasping Its 2 Types

Machine input output problems based on place are discussed in this video by Dr. Manishika Jain. The types of problems discussed includes letters, words, numbers and shapes.

Machine Input Output Image

Based on Place

Based on Place – Words

Based on Place – Numbers

Based on Place – Shapes

Based on Place – Shapes Image

In a factory each Supervisor has a slogan which is coded to convert into a password. Ashutosh՚s slogan “hard work is the best Solution” is coded as “is best hard the work Solution” . If Amit՚s slogan is “honest work is always appropriately rewarded” what will be his coded password?

(1) is appropriately honest rewarded always work

(2) is appropriately honest always work rewarded

(3) is honest appropriately always work rewarded

(4) is work appropriately always honest rewarded

(5) None of These

If the statement “Best 55 people 2 nations 10” is coded as “nations 10 best 55 2 people” . If statement is “none 42 work 10 hours 8” what will be his coded password?

(1) Hours 42 none 10 work 8

(2) 8 10 42 hours none work

(3) Hours 8 none 42 10 work

(4) 42 none hours 8 work 10

(5) Work 8 10 hours 42 none

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