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Boats & Streams, Planes - Head Wind & Tail Wind (Aptitude) Problems: Tricks & Concepts

Speed Problems with Surface Moving

Speed Problems with Surface Moving
The the Speed Types
The the Treadmill

Relative Speed of Boat/Plane: Concepts


A Boat Can Travel with a Speed of 13 Km/Hr in Still Water. If the Speed of the Stream is 4 Km/Hr, Find the Time Taken by the Boat to Go 68 Km Downstream

4 hrs

Speed of a Swimmer when Downstream is 16 Km/Hr, Speed of the Current is 3 Km/Hr, So the Speed of the Swimmer Against the Current Will Be?

10 kmph

A Boat Covers 36 Km Downstream and 12 Km Upstream in 6 Hrs Each. What is the Velocity of the Current?

2 km/hr

A Man Can Row 18 Kmph in Still Water. It Takes Him Thrice as Long to Row up as to Row down the River. Find the Speed of the Stream

9 km/hr

A Small Airplane Flying with a Head Wind Takes 3 Hours to Travel 600 Miles. However, when Flying with a Tail Wind, the Airplane Can Travel the Same Distance in Only 2 Hours. Find the Speed of the Wind?

50 mph

A Boat Running Upstream Takes 8 Hours to Cover a Certain Distance, While It Takes 4 Hours to Cover the Same Distance Running Downstream. What is the Ratio between the Speed of the Boat and Speed of the Water Current Respectively?

3: 1 अनुपात

Rahul Can Travel 12 Miles Downstream in 6 Hours Less Than It Takes Him to Travel the Same Distance up Stream. But if He Could Double His Rowing Rate for His 24 Miles Round Trip, the Downstream 12 Miles Would then Take Only One Hour Less Than the Upstream 12 Miles. What is the Speed of the Current?

The Motion of Riverboat with Current

A Ship 4 Km from the Shore, Has Leak Admitting 15 Tons of Water in an Hour. 9 Tons of Water Would Sink It. Pumps Can Throw Out 12 Tons of Water Per Hour. Find the Final Distance Travelled by Boat as It Tries to Move Across the Stream Moving at 1 Km/Hr to Reach the Shore Before It Sinks

5 km

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