8 Excessive Ways to Study for GRE

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1. Be Aware of entire GRE exam pattern.

2. Try to attend as possible maximum practice tests of GRE during preparation.

3. Review all the directions for each section of the test before you attend GRE test so at the time of actual examination it will save your time.

4. Be aware to the time limit allotted to each section and prepare according to it will benefited you in exam to attend all the question.

GRE time Format for each section:

  • Verbal Section: 30 MCQs (30 minutes) ,
  • Quantitative Section: 28 multiple choice questions (45 minutes) ,
  • Analytical Writing: 2 subsections - Present Your Perspective on an Issue and Analysis of an argument, each wanting you to quote a short essay. (45 + 30 minutes)

5. be aware of question format of every section. We have already discussed it.

6. Give more attention to GRE vocabulary which is basically a vocabulary test.

7. Also focus and recall fundamental maths like geometry, algebra, proportions, fractions, percent, decimals, and the order of operations which will be helpful to solve the quantitative section of the GRE exam easily.

8. Also attend some logic puzzles and for the maths portion of the GRE exam.

Tips and Techniques for GRE Reading Comprehension

Here are some tips for better score in GRE Reading Comprehension

  • Understand the passage well to possess strong verbal reasoning because you need deep logical reasoning to select from the rest choices

Here is some general problems which is usually catch understanding a Reading Comprehension passage

  • Some passages can be hard irrespective of the topic.
  • Some can be easy but lengthy so candidates face lake of time situation.
  • Some passages from unaware areas.
  • didn՚t aware to style of writing populates GRE Reading Comprehension passages