Applying for School

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As soon as you got your GRE scores, One of the toughest and crucial milestone is applying to the schools, choosing a well reputed school of your choice and working out the essays and recommendations for the school. The steps are mentioned below and information can be availed from the following links stated as follows:

Process Overview

Time line of application: This link will provide useful information regarding the timeline of the application process. If you feel that you are late for some step then it is crucial that you make up for the lost time. Pretty much all the application deadlines are very rigid and close together, being late for one often implies being late for many more and its very hard to find god replacement schools.

Finding the Right School

  • Peterson՚s school search engine: The following two search engines are brilliant starting points for getting a list of schools that provide a specific program. Sometimes the information can also be availed from the senior students and batch-mates.
  • US News engineering school rankings: This is also a very outstanding starting point in case of preparing the list of schools. One criteria might be to apply to higher ranked schools. Also, schools should be chosen on the basis of applicants profile. Along with the GRE scores, Various things such as: Projects, GPA, recommendation should also be kept in mind. One point which should be taken into consideration is some of the lower ranked universities also provide very good programs. Think very carefully while making your ultimate decision.
  • Scholarships: This site will be helpful in finding the sources of funding to new graduate students. Also, there are two core sources of funding, TA i.e.. . Teaching assistant and RA i.e.. . Research assistant. To know more about the changes of getting one of these it is very crucial to integrate with the faculty members or students in the department or program where you want to apply.