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If you are visiting this page that means you are a college undergraduate, Who is exploring the available career options. There are many options you can be considering doing MS, MBA, getting a job or starting your own business. Following are few links regarding the articles which can help you in taking a wise decision.

Who Should Go to Grad School?

Choosing between MS or MBA

  • Why Do Companies Prefer MBAs?
  • The phrase “MBA preferred” gets a lot of play in Monster՚s online job listings. What does it basically mean?
  • Why Engineering? -Article 1
  • “There would be a perception of the hard hat on a rainy day on a building site with rain trickling down the back of your neck or an engineer with his or her head stuck into a rusty engine. Many pictures are beyond the reality. it՚s a high-tech, inter-personal profession with large amount of teamwork with colleagues like use of computers, high-tech equipment, financial analysis and planning. it՚s very far removed from the stereotype.”
  • This article provides comparison between salaries of various fields and engineering. Though, the data is quite old, but it gives us a very good comparison indeed.