GRE New Pattern-Modifications Made in the GRE Revised General Test

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The GRE New Pattern or Revised Pattern appeared in August, 2011 and is the biggest change in the history of the GRE exam. There has been structure and question type modifications along with focus on determining student՚s critical as well as analytical thinking capability to take admissions in the most reputed graduate or business schools.

The GRE New Pattern will be examined on a scale of 260 − 340 with 0 − 6 rating for Analytical writing. The break of the scores is stated below:

The GRE New Pattern comprises of 3 sections:

Verbal Reasoning

The GRE Verbal Reasoning section judges your skills for written material and extract information based on it and in almost 50 % of the questions there is a need to read full passages and answer questions on basis of which rest will review your vocabulary by reading, completing or relating sentences. The Verbal Reasoning section has the parts mentioned below:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Text Completion.
  3. Sentence Equivalence. The GRE New Pattern comprises of 2 Verbal reasoning sections-20 Questions & 30 minutes for every section. The scoring is done on a scale of 130 to 170, with 1 point increments.

Quantitative Reasoning

The GRE Quantitative section tests candidate՚s ability to understand, examine and assess the quantitative information. It includes fundamental mathematical skills like arithmetic concepts, geometry, algebra, probability and statistics.

The GRE New Pattern has 2 Quantitative reasoning sections-20 Questions & 35 minutes per section.

The scoring is done on a scale of 130 to 170, with 1 point increments.

Analytical Writing

GRE Analytical Writing tests the critical thinking and analytical writing skills along with judging the subject knowledge and the capability to form an essay by structuring it with complex ideas and arguments. There are 2 types of Analytical Writing Essays in GRE New Pattern, they are stated below:

  1. Issue-Task essay.
  2. Argument-Task essays.

Both the essays must be completed in the given time period of 30 minutes for each and aggregate evaluation will be done on a scale of 0 − 6 with half point increment in the GRE New Pattern.