Previous GRE Pattern as CAT

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What is Computer Adaptive Test?

In the context of CAT, test questions will be shown on the basis of his or her responses to earlier questions in a way that targets and enhances the precision of estimate of the candidates ability.

Advantages of CAT

One of the major advantage is it offers a short test i.e.. . In repect of time and number of questions, As questions either too easy or too difficult for a candidate are not focused, unless an item is needed to fulfill some content specification or to avoid overexposure of another item. This “tailoring” of questions to check the candidates ability ultimately leads to adaptive tests.

Disadvantages of CAT

Basically, the candidates appearing through computerized adaptive test are not allowed to check their answers again of previously answered questions.

The questions which are exposed in a computerized adaptive test are very high.

Numerous test forms are possible from a single item pool, Hence not suitable for such people who wants to check every test form for the purpose of quality assurance.

Revised Approach for GRE

The new revised approach for GRE is MST which is variant of CAT, For availing further information about MST click here.