GRE Score Report & Reading It

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GRE Score Reports

  • At the time of registration fee you have to select 4 institutions to which you want your scores sent.
  • For the computer-adaptive GRE revised General test and for the paper-based exam, you have to select 4 institutions on the registration form or on the admission ticket correction stub.
  • If you are taking the computer-based GRE General test then your score report would be sensed to the 4 schools which you have selected within 10 to 15 days after you take the exam.
  • And if you take the paper-based exam your score reports will be sent to school in 4 - 6 weeks after you take the test.
  • If you want to select additional schools to receive your scores, you can request additional score reports by phone, mail, or fax.
  • And for each additional score report you have to pay $ 15.
  • And for this you have to call 1 - 609 - 771 - 7290,1 - 888-GRE-SCORE, or 1 - 888 - 473 - 8333 (TTY) , for that you have to pay it by credit card and provide basics detail like registration number, exam date, date of birth, institution code (s) and department code (s) of school to which you want to send additional score reports.
  • You can only request for additional scores when your exam is completed.
  • For more information about additional score reports, visit official page of the ETS Score Reports and follow the instructions provided there.
  • And ETS also provides a question and answer review service at fee of $ 50.
  • The question and answer review service allows you to review the Verbal and Quantitative questions in which you have given wrong answer on your computer-based General Test.
  • And in this questions are offered with your answers and with the correct answers but at the test center where you have taken your exam.
  • This service is not presented for all locations and for all test dates so confirm it with ETS if you want to access this service.
  • ETS also offers facility to review your essay score for paper-based GRE General test also.

Judging Your GRE Scores

Once you have completed your exam and receive scores, then what is next? How this score used is most important for you right?

  • Your score card is review by each institute which you have selected and use your GRE scores as it sees fit.
  • All institutes review scores in different way like some schools are concerned only with the verbal score, some has concerned only regarding the maths score or in writing score.
  • And some schools have interest in a combination of the three; it depends on school and program for what you have applied.
  • GRE score is just single module of the graduate school application.
  • Other phases of a graduate school application like past academic performance, the quality of recommendation letters, your personal essay, etc. are also matters for acceptation of your GRE score.