GRE Strategies

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Strategies are very crucial and acts as the pillars like any other test or atleast most of them, an understanding of how to give a test or test strategies is almost as crucial as preparing for the test itself. Specifically this is true of GRE which has many quirks starting with the fact that it is computer based. On top of that it is adaptive, which means that you decide the course of your test by choosing the answers to questions. The links that are mentioned below will help you in understanding. It is advisable to go through each one of these and then start giving the tests. When practicing try to follow these strategies.


At this level its time to move ahead and give some tests.

Analytical Writing

Few years ago, Analytical writing was came into influence in GRE. Many candidates are afraid of it because of insufficient knowledge. So here we have given an entire section to this part of the test.

  • Analytical Section from ETS: Again this is a must read information, especially if you think you need help with analytical section. It comes ultimately from ETS.
  • Sample Writing Topics: This page from ETS provides the writing issues and arguments that had came in earlier exams.