Tips and Techniques to Crack GRE

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  • Be sure and choose the right form of test prep that suits your potentials and skills.
  • Make a framework on how and when you will study.
  • Keep in mind the test format and nature of the questions that you will going to face.
  • Maintain a time limit.
  • Take help and advice from seniors, teachers and colleagues.
  • Internet is the best tool for study material and guidance.
  • Form a diversity in your studying.
  • The only ‘mantra’ that takes you towards the path of success is: “Practice, Practice, Practice”
  • Analytical Section is one of the most difficult section to score particularly for a candidate coming from a engineering background. Below mentioned are two selected good links that will help you in the tough journey and make this section easier for you.
  • Analytical Writing: Tips
  • Online Practice: This link provides a thorough knowledge on the core areas which are to be polished up, while preparing for GRE.
  • The initial fifteen Questions of each section are very crucial.
  • For many candidates Quantitative section prove easy but be aware, avoid doing silly mistakes. Focus on the figures. Please keep in mind that you will not get extra marks if you complete this section before time. Be attentive and focused.
  • For many candidates verbal section prove very difficult as we do not have English as our native language, But the best solution is to learn as many words as you can. Enhance your vocabulary.
  • Answer all the questions. Negative marking is there for those questions which are left unanswered. In the last minutes of exam rely on guesses for all the remaining questions.
  • Do not be sad if your score is low. Be calm.
  • Work hard and practice well.
  • Begin with the Letters of Recommendations.
  • An assimilated section based on the startegies to prepare for GRE, Sample Test Papers and more focus on Analytical writing section of which most of the students are scared.

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