GRE vs GMAT: Choose Right One for You

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  • It is always confusing for Indian candidates who aims to study abroad always that should they attempt GMAT or GRE.
  • Because both exams are very popular and generally suitable in foreign universities so you have to make correct choice because your future is depends on it.

Basic Difference between the GMAT and GRE

  • The basic difference factors between GMAT and GRE is both tests, graduate schools perceptions behind them, advantages of exam, the preparation behind them and how to score good in these exams.
  • Usually the GMAT exam aims to predict suitable a candidate for a particular management programme and the GRE measure your skills for programmes in science streams, medicine, literature, mathematics and other course apart from law programmes.
  • Both the exams GRE and GMAT are structured on native English speaker and it will be minor disadvantage for foreigner in verbal section.
  • The GMAT score will be acceptable for admission for securing a seat into any business schools.
  • The main aim for GMAT exam is to evaluate the verbal, mathematical and analytical skills of the candidate that they has learned during their education and at work place, but the GMAT does not want to test some particular knowledge related to business, job skills or nonobjective qualities like motivation, creativity and interpersonal skills.
  • The GRE aims to measures the degree of undergraduate education has developed a student՚s verbal and quantitative skills in theoretical thinking.
  • It will need more vocabulary knowledge, writing skills and general subjects compare to GMAT for those students who belongs to a non-English speaking country.
  • To score higher in GRE exam it is necessary that you have good English and writing skills.
  • So, students who are week in English they should have to attempt GMAT.

GMAT Score is More Than Just Score

  • Candidates whose mother language is not English will have benefit in GMAT to score high.
  • Currently business and graduate schools are selecting students from various backgrounds so that candidates from countries who have recently joined the European Union will have opportunity to be selected in those B-Schools, so do those from smaller countries.
  • If the institutes finds that applicant is ‘special’ and the whole application stands out and it might be possible even if you have low score you will be selected.
  • Institute also wants to increase their appeal among applicants from different background.
  • Candidates from management, finance or accounting backgrounds are still have chance, but those candidates who have different background will reserve top chance for getting admissions in business schools.

What Candidates Should Do?

  • Before applying for any institute and college in abroad candidates have to find out that the institute in which they want admission is accepts which test.
  • Examine carefully GMAT and GRE test and observe how you feel regarding the exam.
  • If you have given GRE and able to score high in GRE then always inquire the schools if they will consider it or not.
  • Now-a-day՚s institutes require overall-package instead of just one section or concentrating on one part.
  • So applying for a business school is not easy decision because your future is depends on it.