MBA Without GMAT & GRE in Top International Colleges

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Top International MBA Colleges Which Not Required GMAT & GRE Score

  • Many candidates can՚t pursue management degree due to their GRE or GMAT low score.
  • So people who are interested in management course have to take time for entrance exams preparation from their busy schedule.
  • The main advantages of online MBA are suitability and low fee.
  • And well-known universities are prefer to higher people who have cleared online courses

Importance of GMAT and GRE Scores

  • In most of business schools students are shortlisted on basis of GMAT perspective by candidates.
  • So contestant who have high score can easily is secure a seat in a prestigious institute.
  • For example: the famous Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and Harvard Business School-the management courses of both schools are only available for people with a score of 700 and above.
  • Normally is average score around 600 so admission is not an impossible achievement but the difficulty is to secure seats stems from the sheer number of applications vying for each spot.
  • The GRE is a broader test because it covers a large amount of subject matter and also all Ivy League colleges disregard GRE scores in favor of the GMAT.

International Management Institutes Which Don՚t Require GMAT for Admissions

  • Here are some renowned International Universities which are not depends on GMAT exam.
  • There is all most 1 year full time MBA programs in most of the international universities and some of them are listed below:
  • Durham Business School (UK)
  • University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • University of Glasgow (UK)
  • University of Kent (UK)
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management in France
  • TiasNimbas in Netherlands
  • University of Solvay in Belgium

Benefits of Online MBA

  • There are number of online MBA degrees which do not required any GMAT or GRE scores for admission process but it will be bad course enrollment.
  • In the case of good high enrollments, but reputed online universities are depends on test results.
  • Some of online MBA institutes are also give admission to candidates who have work experience of more than 4 years even if they do not attempt GMAT or GRE exams.

Best Online Management Program from USA

  • The Northeastern University and the Colorado State University both offer AACSB qualified MBA courses, which are most reputed and recognized authority as we know.
  • Applicants who have a verifiable mid or upper management level work history and high undergraduate GPA score this will be applicable to those candidates.