Revised GRE Scoring Method Starting 2011: MST

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In the GRE revised Test Three scores are reported-

  • Verbal Reasoning score: 130 βˆ’ 170 score scale, in 1-point increments.
  • Quantitative Reasoning score: 130 βˆ’ 170 score scale, in 1-point increments.
  • Analytical Writing score: 0 βˆ’ 6 score scale, in half-point increments.

Revised GRE Scoring: Multi Stage Test (MST)

MST is a compromise between Paper based test and CAT.

MST is a special case of CAT that allows for item review, decreases the number of items exposed and maintains all of the advantages of a test delivered via computer.

What is Revised GRE Scoring?

New revised GRE comprises 2 sections for GRE Verbal and Quantitative.

Every section acts like one stage.

First Section is Stage 1 i.e.. . Called as Routing Stage.

On the basis of performance, Candidates are routed to one of several alternative second-stage tests, each comprises a defined set of questions and varies on average.

As it is a Multi-Stage Test and New GRE comprises 2 sections. Different levels within each stage are there.

GRE Sections: Stage and Level

Section 1 and Sections 2 will consist 3 levels of questions-

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • tough

Candidates will solve moderately tough level of questions in Section 1. On the basis of your performance you will get one of 3 levels in section 2.

  • Score 165 in Section 1, then you will be routed to tough Level in Section 2.
  • If you score 135 then you will be routed to Easy Stage 2.

Another variation can be-

  • Stage 1: Moderately tough
  • Stage 2: Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, tough and Very tough.

Is Revised GRE Much Tough?

In CAT: Initially few questions will aim to check your score range, E. g Candidates who are scoring 750 + with few incorrect questions in second part of the test.

In MST: If you achieve high scores in Section 1, Then the entire set of questions in Section 2 will be under tough or very tough category.

If, ETS have decided that the range of 160 to 170 score will be considered as Very tough Section. All questions of Section 2 will be very tough. On the basis of your performance, you will get your score between 160 to 170.

Accuracy in Revised GRE Pattern

ETS will assimilate a statistically significant sample size of candidates to ensure score accuracy of the new GRE test. Candidates who are giving the exam in August, September or October won՚t get the official scores until November, They have to wait even for 3 months for getting their official scores.