NEW GRE Pattern and Scoring

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Differentiation among those who have earned a particular GRE score on the new GRE Scoring scale will be difficult and must put focus on other differentiating components of applications like essays and letters of recommendation.

New GRE Pattern Scores

Possible scores is spread out to 41 (170 − 130) .

Current GRE is 71 (200 to 800) .

Same number of GRE candidates will come under 41 scores than 71, Which indicates that it is hard to categorize the applicants on the basis of scores. Candidates must have a strong application to avail admission, Which indirectly calls for another admission requirement.

If 140 is the minimum GRE score, those candidates who have achieved 135 would not get the admission. But in the current format, if minimum GRE score is 1100, Candidates who achieve 1000 will likely to have a chance to get admission.

If you wants to appear for New GRE exam from August 2011, you need to evaluate all the advantages and dis-advantages of new GRE pattern as well as New GRE scoring. Take a decision critically and also book GRE Test dates for 2011. Many candidates will appear for GRE in the current format, It is hence advisable to find the dates for giving the exam, Otherwise you will not get if you wait till last minute.