Unabated 10 Changes in New GRE Format

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The 10 most important changes made in the new GRE pattern are as follows:

  1. Better framework: You can go forth and back in a particular section or can also make changes in your answers and even revise it with the help of this new modified structure. The central idea behind this new pattern is to provide a better and natural experience and this differs the new format from the current one.
  2. Improved standards of data: The new pattern have enhanced quality of the data used for GRE test and will check the presence of necessary skills properly that are needed for graduate and business programmes.
  3. Verbal section got key modification: Get ready to face some new types of questions in the verbal section as this section comes with maximum modifications. Neither antonyms nor analogies will be there in this section. In this section there will be no more complex reasoning or vocabulary will be asked that is out of the box.
  4. Quantitative reasoning: You will have the permission to use calculators so Shift your focus from arithmetic calculations to your reasoning ability as the concentration of the new pattern will be on data interpretation and real life scenario.
  5. Analytical writing: There will be no big changes in this section but still more focused responses and less generalisations are expected.
  6. New pattern comes with new exam scoring system: The scoring system got some major upgrades. The range of new pattern will be from 130 to 170 score scale with increment of 1 point whereas the previous range was from 200 to 800 with the increment of 10 points. Analytical section՚s scale is unaffected by this new pattern as the scale is same as 0 to 6 with 0.5 increments. New pattern will give the candidates proper chance to demonstrate their reasoning abilities irrespective of their backgrounds.
  7. Updated test score and test of new GRE: You can know the scores of the exam given between august and October in the 11th month that is November. Those candidates who wish to have their scores before November can give the exam before august 2011. By doing this you can have your exam result 10 to 15 days before the normal time frame.
  8. Paper based testing: There is a compulsion to the applicants who are giving the paper based test must give the test before November, 2011. The new pattern will be applied from august 2011. Paper based test will have all the changes in the pattern too.
  9. Absence of split test: There will be no split test for the candidates who are giving this exam in Asian continent like China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the new pattern. The upgraded GRE exam version will provide quicker reporting, mostly accessible on computer and can be done on single day and in single sitting.
  10. Be prepared with the GRE test material: You can have an idea of the new pattern of the exam by the new practice papers offered by the GRE. You can have these practice paper before 1 year of the actual exam. You can also have the access to the practice papers from the official website of GRE test.