Tips and Techniques for GRE Reading

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These passages will be short learned articles like educational papers and journals and few passages of them may be based on politics, economics or on social issues or editorial section of newspapers and magazines.

Usually, the passages are not based on any stories, history of events or newspaper report; they are based on serious issue and the author՚s opinion of the same and their tendency and views are deeper and strong.

Sometimes it happens that author՚s view-points are not expressed clearly, but the reader has to use their intelligence to from the words chosen because generally the used sentences are long and complicated.

Some of the passages are related to true-life or they are helpful in which author just gives details about the subject area does not give their point of view and such kind of passages will have huge numbers of terms and longer in length also but the main problem is they are dealing with the volume of details.

Some Major Topics

  • The effect of industrialization on the role of women in society.
  • The contributions of a poet, author or an artist and how it affected society.
  • Two schools of thought on a subject - Whether the universe is expanding or contracting? The author may express thoughts regarding the subject.
  • A new discovery in the world of science and the promise the discovery.
  • The author provides a view-point to describe a situation or the author attacking someone else՚s claims through counter examples or arguments in areas of science, economics, sociology or history etc.
  • Nature of the questions asked on the passages.
  • From that passages following types of questions may be asked …
    • Have you understood the purpose of the passage?
    • Have you understood the author՚s point of view?
    • Are you able to sense the tone in the passage?
    • Have you recognize the key information, especially from a factual passage?
    • Have you understood the approach taken by the?

Following Are the Tips to Read a Passage

Be Focused at the Time of Reading a Passage

While you are reading passage first an important thing to keep in mind is do not skip any lines and indication of paragraph because if you do so it might possible you didn՚t get meaning and aim of the paragraph.

Understand Tenacity of the Passage

Second important thing is to understand or sense intentions of author that what they actually want to express, normally you can get idea about tones of paragraph within two lines.

Sometimes you have to determine author՚s intention and many times author give his conclusion at the and at that time compare your conclusion with author which you have made while you are reading the paragraph and if it matches then you are on the right path.

Note Necessary Elements of Passage

While you are reading paragraph and you get any important points, then mark them and read them aging while you are answering the questions.

Deal with Long and Genuine Passages

If the passage is based on true-life then just go with the flow of the passage and understand detail, while you read more than 15 paragraph you will able to judge what should be read in detail and what should be skipped.

Increase Your Reading Speed

While reading paragraph don՚t panic, it will effect on your focus and you just read passage and not understand what actually it is. So be focused so your speed will also increase and speed is required factor due to time limits so keep practicing to increase your speed.