7 Days & Winning in GRE

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First 3 Days: Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses

  • At first 3 days you have to find out in which particular subject you have much difficulty and in which subject you are good.

  • For example: you have difficulty in any lesson in maths. So you have to practice it more compare to other.

  • You can practice questions on subject GRE and more at https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/GRE/

  • But if you have difficulty in more than one section then you have to struggle more but don’t under estimate any section because each section is important.

Day 4 – Mock Test

  • After preparation attempt Practice Test which are easily available on internet.

  • Without practice test you will not judge what you have prepared.

  • You will get better idea from mock test that still in which section you have to prepare more.

Day 5 – Continue to Do Questions and Lessons

  • After mock test continue with your preparation but now you have idea about in which section you have to focus more so prepare your time table according to it and start preparation.

Day 6 – Almost There

  • At sixth day you are almost at the end of your preparation, It is very difficult to complete preparation in such sort time but think about positive result so you will definitely encourage for your preparation.

  • And still you have some difficulty than don’t wary about anything and don’t be frustrated and try to be confidence about your preparation.

  • This confidence will positively affect your score.

Day 7: The Final Day

  • You have to take proper rest and be stress less.

  • Collect everything, which you need for exam, and just be prepared before the day of exam.

  • As mentioned in 6th day don’t be panic for anything and be confident which is the key to success.

  • And think about that you have prepared for such tough exam in sort time so you are able to attempt this exam well.

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