GRE Vocabulary Building-Tips as Well as Techniques

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To score quality marks in verbal section strong GRE vocabulary is most important thing.

Here are some tips and techniques for powerful Vocabulary:

How to Learn a New Word

You can understand new word based on 3 fundamental core stages like:

  • Recognize the new word and its usage; repeat that sentence until you gets exact meaning of word.
  • Differentiate this word from similar words. For example: assure and ensure.
  • Accumulated a word in your vocabulary so you can memorize the word easily.

How to Cultivate Your Vocabulary

To build up your vocabulary many GRE vocabularies are available some of them listed below:

Read, Read and Read

  • While you read it frequent it will increase learning skill of new words.
  • And for that you have to read
    • editorials,
    • essays,
    • new papers and
    • Magazines etc.

Use the Words

Keep exercise of words and use it in your conversation so you will get better idea about how and when to use it.


Enjoy your exercise with thought in mind that a good vocabulary is a permanent and long-term wealth.

Start your exercise as early as possible because it will help you not even in GRE but also at every place.

How Much Time Does It Take to Build a Good GRE Vocabulary?

Time require for Good GRE vocabulary is depends on your current GRE vocabulary level and reading habits.

If you have passion to learn it and strong dedication then you will build you GRE vocabulary good within 2 - 3 moths.

And if you are average in English then you will need 6 - 8 moths and strong practice. And for the best practice be habited to read politics, history, arts, literature, economics, sociology etc.