Section-Analytical Writing for GRE

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Time duration-75 Minutes

2 Writing Tasks

Task 1: Issue Exploration-45 Minutes


In 45 minutes, choose one of the two following topics and compose an essay on that topic. You may not write on any other topic. Write your essay on separate sheets of paper.

Each topic is presented in a one-to two-sentence quotation commenting on an issue of general concern. Your essay may support, refute, or qualify the views expressed in the quotation. Whatever you write, however must be suitable to the issue under discussion and you must strengthen your thoughts with specific reasons and examples extracted from studies as well as experience.

Before choosing any topic, consider which would give you greater scope for writing an effective, well-argued essay.

Your essay will be evaluated based on your skills in the areas stated below-

  • Evaluate the quotation՚s implications.
  • Organization and articulation of your ideas.
  • Use critical examples and arguments to support your case.
  • Handling of the mechanics of standard written English.
  • As you decided the topic, click on the appropriate icon to confirm your choice. Do not be panic while confirming your choice of topic.
  • As you clicked the topic, you will not be able to switch to the alternate choice.

Topic 1: “We venerate loyalty to our schools, employers, institutions, friends-as a virtue, Loyalty, however, can be at least as detrimental an influence as it can be a beneficial one.”

Topic 2: “A person who does not comprehend the technical side of a craft in detailed manner is incapable of evaluating it.”

Task 2: Argument Analysis-30 Minutes.


In 30 minutes, prepare a critical analysis of an argument expressed in a short paragraph. You may not offer an analysis of any other argument. Write your essay on separate sheets of paper.

As you critique the argument, think about the author՚s underlying assumptions. Ask yourself whether any of them are questionable. Also evaluate any evidence i.e.. . That the author brings up. Do critical reasoning to yourself whether it really supports the author՚s conclusion.

As per your evaluation, you need to suggest other kinds of evidence to reinforce the author՚s argument. You may also suggest methods to refute the argument, or additional data that might be useful to you as you assess the soundness of the argument. You may not present your personal views on the topic. You need to examine the elements of an argument not to support of contradict that argument.

Faculty members belonging to different institutions will evaluate your essay, assessing it based on your skills in the areas stated below:

  • Identification and assessment of the argument՚s core elements.
  • Organization and articulation of your viewpoints.
  • Use critical examples and arguments to support your case.
  • Handling of the mechanics of standard written English.

In an editorial in the Bayside Sentinel. “Bayside citizens need to consider raising local taxes if they want to see improvements in the Bayside School District. Test scores, graduation and college admission rates, and a number of other indicators have long made it clear that the Bayside School District is doing a poor job education our youth. Our schools look run down. Windows are broken, bathrooms unusable and classroom equipment hopelessly out of date. Yet just across the Bay, in New Harbor, school facilities are up-to-date and in good condition. The difference is money; New Harbor spends twenty-seven percent more per student than Bayside does and test scores and other indicators of student performance are stronger in New Harbor as well”