GRE Subject Test: Psychology

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Most editions of the test comprise around 205 multiple choice questions. Every question has five alternative options from which the candidates need to select only one option which is correct or best answer of the given question.

Some of the stimulus materials like a description of an experiment or a graph may become the basis for various questions.

  • The Psychology Test questions are framed from the courses of study generally studied at the undergraduate level within the broadly defined subject matter of psychology.
  • The questions on which sub scores are based are distributed throughout the test; they are not set aside and labeled separately. Several questions from a single content area may shown consecutively.
  • Questions may cover recalling factual information, evaluating relationships, applying principles, drawing conclusions from data, evaluating a research design and identifying a psychologist who has made a theoretical or research contribution to the field.

Psychology Test gives two sub scores along with the aggregate score. Although the test offers only two sub scores, there are questions in three content categories:

  • Experimental or natural science oriented (around 40 % of the questions) consisting learning, language, memory, thinking, sensation and perception, physiological psychology, ethology and comparative psychology. They are related to the experimental psychology sub score and aggregate score.
  • Social or social science oriented (around 43 % of the questions) . Questions are categorised among the areas of clinical and abnormal, developmental, personality and social psychology. They are related to the social psychology sub score and aggregate score.
  • General (around 17 % of the questions) consisting the history of psychology, applied psychology, measurement, research designs and statistics. They are related only to the aggregate score.