Asian Development Bank, American Depository Receipt, Annual Financial Statement

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Abbreviations of List
1.ADBAsian Development Bank
2.ADRAmerican depository Receipt
3.AFSAnnual Financial Statement
4.AGMAnnual General Meeting
5.AIRCSCALL India Rural Credit Survey Committee
6.AOAdditive outliers
7.AOAdditive Outliers
8.ARIMAAuto Regression
9.AFSAvailable For Sale
10.ASSOCHAMAssociated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
11.ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
12.ATMAutomated Teller Machine
13.BISBank for international Settlements
14.BOIBank of India
15.BOPBalance of Payments
16.BPM5Balance of Payments Manual, 5th edition
17.BSCSBasel Committee on Banking Supervision
18.BSRBasic Statistical Returns
19.CADCapital Account Deficit
20.CAGController Banking statistics
21.CBSConsolidated Banking statistics
22.CCCash Credit
23.CDCertificate of Deposit
24.CDRatio Credit Deposit Ratio
25.CDBSCommittee of direction on banking statistics
26.CFCompany Finance
27.CFRACombined Finance and Revenue Accounts
28.CGRACurrency and gold Revaluation Account
29.CIIConfederation of Indian industries
30.CPCommercial Paper
31.CPIConsumer Price index
32.CPI-IWConsumer Piece index for industrial workers
33.CRARCapital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
34.CRRCash Reserve Ratio
35.CSIRCouncil of scientific and industrial Research
36.CSOCentral Statistical Organization
37.CVCCentral Vigilance Commission
38.DAPDevelopment Action Plan
39.DBODDepartment of Banking operations and development
40.DBSDepartment of Banking Supervision, RBI
41.DGBADepartment of Government and Bank Accounts, RBI
42.DICGCDeposit insurance and credit guarantee corporation of India
43.ECBExternal commercial borrowing
44.ECBEuropean central bank
45.ECGCExport credit and guarantee corporation
46.ECSElectronic clearing scheme
47.EECEuropean Economic Community
48.EPFEmployees Provident Fund
49.EXIM BankExport import bank of India
50.FCCBForeign currency convertible bond
51.FCNR (B)Foreign currency Non-resident (bank)
52.FCNRA (A)Foreign currency Non-resident account
53.FEMAForeign exchange Management act
54.FIFinancial institution
55.FICCIFederation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry
56.FIIForeign Institution
57.FIMMDAFixed income money market and derivatives association of India
58.FRNFloating Rate note
59.GDRGlobal Depository Receipt
60.HUDCOHousing & Urban Development Corporation
61.5IBRDInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development
62.IBSInternational Banking Statistics
63.ICICIIndustrial Credit and investment corporation of India
64.ICMRIndian council of Medical Research
65.IDBIndia development bonds
66.IDBIIndustrial development bank of India
67.IDDIndustrial development department
68.IFCInternational Finance corporation
69.IFCIInternational Finance corporation of India
70.IFSInternational Finance statistics
71.IGLSIterative generalized least squares
72.IIBIIndustrial investment bank of India
73.IIPIndex of industrial production
74.IIP/InIPInternational investment position
75.IMDIndia millennium deposits
76.IMFInternational Monetary fund
77.IRBIIndustrial reconstruction bank of India
78.ISDAInternational Swaps and derivative association
79.ISICInternational standard industrial classification
80.ISOInternational standards Organization
81.NBCNon-banking companies
82.NBFCNon-banking financial companies
83.NECNot elsewhere classified
84.NEERNominal effective exchange rate
85.NFANon-foreign exchange assets
86.NFDNet fiscal deficit
87.NGONongovernmental organization
88.NHBNational housing bank
89.NICNational industrial classification
90.NIFNote issuance facility
91.NNMLNet non- monetary liabilities
92.NPANon- performing assets
93.NPDNet primary deficit
94.NPVNet present value
95.NRGNonresident government
96.NSCNational statistical commission
97.NSSFNational small savings fund
98.OECDOrganization for economic cooperation and development
99.OLTASOnline tax accounting system
100.OMOOpen market operations
101.PACSPrimary agriculture credit societies
102.SIDBISmall industries development bank of India
103.SIDCState industrial development cooperation
104.TTTelegraphic transfer
105.UBBUniform balance book
106.UCNUniform code number
107.USUnited states
108.UTIUnit trust of India
109.VCVenture capital
110.WGMSWorking group on money supply
111.LAMPSLarge sized advise multipurpose societies
112.LERMSLiberalized exchange rate management system
113.MISManagement information system
114.MICRMagnetic ink character recognition
115.NABARDNational bank for agriculture and rural development
116.QIBQualified institutional buyers
117.RDBMSRelational database management system
118.RIDFRural infrastructure development fund
119.RTGSReal time gross settlement
120.RWARisk weighted assets
121.SDRSpecial drawing rights
122.SEBISecurities and exchange board of India
123.SFMSStructured financial messaging services
124.SMERASME rating agency of India limited
125.SSISmall scale industries
126.SMESmall and medium industries
127.SSSBESmall scale service and business enterprises
128.ALMAsset liability management
129.ANBCAdjusted net Bank credit
130.ASBAApplications supported bank accounts
131.BOEBill of exchange
132.CASACurrent and saving accounts
133.CBLOCollateralized bank lending obligations
134.CIBILCredit information bureau of India limited
135.DPGDeferred payment guarantee
136.DPNDemand promissory note
137.DRATDebt recovery appellate tribunal
138.DRIDifferential rate of interest
139.DSCRDebt service coverage ratio
140.EDIElectronic data interchange
141.EMIEquated monthly installments
142.EPSEarnings per share
143.ESOPEmployee stock options
144.FEDAIForeign exchange dealers association of India
145.FFMCFully fledged money changers
146.FOBFree on board
147.LIBORLondon interbank operations rate
148.MIBORMumbai interbank operations rate
149.MOUMemorandum of understanding
150.MCAMinistry of company affairs
151.SPVSpecial purpose vehicle
152.CRISILCredit rating information services of India limited
153.ICRAInvestment information and credit rating agency of India limited
154.CARECredit analysis and research limited
155.MCXMulti commodity exchange
156.CCILClearing corporation of India limited
157.OTCEIOver the counter exchange of India
158.EFTElectronic funds transfer
159.ARFAsset reconstruction fund
160.MSSMarket stabilization scheme
161.CACCapital account convertibility
162.NDSNegotiated dealing system
163.BSBDABasic savings bank deposit account
164.FCNR (B)Foreign currency non-resident bank
165.TARCTax administration reform commission
166.ITEs:Intra-group transactions and exposures
167.LCR:Liquidity coverage ratio
168.NSFR:Net stable funding ratio
169.LRMT:Liquidity risk monitoring tools
170.CBS:Core banking solution
171.DEAF:Depositor education and awareness fund
172.CRARCapital to risk-weighted assets ratio
173.SWIFTSociety for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication
174.FSLRCFinancial sector legislative reforms commission
175.MIBORMumbai inter-bank offer rate
176.LIBORLondon inter – bank offer rate
177.LAFLiquidity adjustment facility
178.GIRDGovernment internal revenue order
179.EEFCExchange earner՚s foreign currency
180.FRBMAFiscal responsibility and budget management act
181.FINOFinancial inclusion network operation
182.FIPBForeign investment promotion board
183.FSLRCFinancial Sector legislative reforms commission
184.FTAFree trade avoidance rule
185.GAARGeneral anti-avoidance rule
186.NCTCNational counter-terrorism centre
187.NEFTNational electronic funds transfer
188.NSGNuclear suppliers group