Answer Writing Tips for UPSC IAS Mains

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Refer Our Lecture on Answer Writing to Score in UPSC
  • Two important factors decide the good outcome of your answer:
  • Understanding of questions
  • Word limit
  • Content of the answer is more important than its length.
  • Skipped questions where you don՚t know the answer.
  • don՚t repeat the same point again and again. It wastes your time and fatigues your hand.
  • don՚t write unclear answers that remotely resemble to what is being asked in the question.
  • Write in bullet points for both general studies and optional papers in Mains.
  • Underline the keywords but don՚t use colored pens.
  • Good if you draw diagrams especially for geography questions and GS3.
  • Read question again and again while writing the answer to ensure you are not drifting away from what is being asked.
  • don՚t write complicated sentences.