5 Golden Tips to Enhance Your UPSC Mains Preparation, Civil Services Exams

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5 Golden Tips to Enhance Your UPSC Mains Preparation

Every year UPSC conducts Civil Services Exams for the recruitment of IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS etc.

UPSC Conducts Civil Services Exams
  • The UPSC exams are the toughest exams in our Country. Many people across the Country apply for this exam, but hardly 1 candidate out of 1000 candidates complete their exam and get vacancy. UPSC syllabus is like an ocean and student՚s memory is like a pond to grasp it.
  • Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. But to clear the UPSC exam in 1st attempt the most important this is that we should put more and more in the preparation time.
  • To prepare for the UPSC Mains Examination one must understand its plan and syllabus first. This exams is not just about knowledge, but also about exams skill. Here we present you 5 Golden Tips to enhance your UPSC Mains Preparation.
5 Golden Tips to Enhance Your UPSC Mains Preparation

Golden Tip 1- Hard Work and Dedication

  • Applying or using your ability to do something is called work but that ability if gets supported by dedication, determination and focus; then it is called hard work. For the preparation of the UPSC examination the examiners have to follow the 1st step that is hard work and dedication towards their goal.
  • Almost all the IAS examiners have one commonality that is irrespective of their educational background, family status, age and category is hard work and dedication. All the appearing examiners can achieve success because of their hard work and dedication with the help and support from family, friends and mentors who guided them.

Golden Tip 2- Proper Guidance and Support

  • The second most important step in preparation of UPSC Mains is that the students must get the proper guidance and support from their mentors. The mentors play an important role in the passing of UPSC Mains in 1st attempt. Thus, choosing a proper mentor is the priority of every examiner appearing in the UPSC Mains.
  • Here the personality test the most crucial part of the Civil Services Exam. The interview is not a test of knowledge, rather it is a test of personality. Most of the UPSC toppers took guidance from experts and mentors for their interview preparation. Experts and mentors can guide you on how to prepare and which topics are important for your preparation.

Golden Tip 3- Answer Writing Practice

  • The writing practice is the most important part of UPSC Mains. The examiners should have the proper writing practice before appearing in the examination. The mentors also advise to do the writing practice the most as it is important for the General Studies papers, which contains the 49 % of the total syllabus of the UPSC Mains Examinations.
  • As this exam is all about writing so there is no magic wand to change your writing style overnight. The experienced examiners say that they were not able to crack this in their earlier attempts, though they should have knowledge, hard work and dedication and should know the answer to the questions.
Golden Tip 3- Answer Writing Practice

Golden Tip 4 – Regular Revision

  • Not only in the UPSC but in every exam regular revision is most important to score good marks. As UPSC Mains is the toughest exam in the country thus regular revision for the UPSC Mains is also most important. Without proper revision, one cannot succeed in competitive exams.
  • Many IAS toppers have admitted that they were not able to crack their competitive exams without proper revision. The most useful advise the new examiner should follow is that they should do the thrice revision of the syllabus before the prelim exams; and the main exam candidates need to revise optional subjects after prelims there should be an only value added to the already prepared topics.

Golden Tip 5 - Time Management

  • Time management for every student has become a crucial thing. To manage time is very difficult now-a-days; thus it is very important to manage things and studies for a UPSC candidate in just 24 hours. As in UPSC exam the syllabus is tough and revision is needed regularly and frequently so the candidates have to learn the time management activity.
  • To be successful one should know how to manage the time. As the topper and you will get the same time to score in the examination. Thus it depends on you that how would you utilize your studies and time.