UPSC IAS Mains Important Topics for Essay and Ethics for 2017

UPSC IAS Mains Exam important topic for Essay and case study as per previous year papers are as below.

Essay topic:

  • Education (Test measure, Credit based higher education system)

  • Economics and Development (Policy, Growth, Capitalism, Crisis, GDP, GDH, PPP, India’s global leadership role, Gates-Buffett model)

  • Sports (Olympics)

  • Tourisms, Geography

  • Indian Democracy

  • Science and Technology

  • Science and Mysticism

  • Development (Women, youth, Human intelligence and Technical intelligence)

  • Culture

  • General (Motivational, Inspire, Manpower, Responsibility)

Case study:

  • Society Attitude Case Study:

    • Promoting Girl education while ensuring their safety (2015)

  • Family matter Case Study:

    • Wife-beater Boss - To do something or not? (2016)

  • Work Culture and Office Case Study (Related to sexual harassment, work deadline, Chalta hai mindset, pressure etc)

    • Engineer - Bogus flyover vs deadline (2013)

    • Favoritism in Job recruitment (2013)

    • Sexual Harassment (2013)

    • Ethics not essential (2014)

    • Bogus rape complaint (2014)

    • Disillusioned UPSC topper (2014)

    • Dubious plot acquired for school (2015)

  • Compassion case study (Social welfare, child labourers etc)

    • Child Labourers in Sivakasi (2013)

    • Dalit Cook in Mid-day Meal (2015)

    • Poor woman without documentary proof? (2016)

  • Public Org- Dilemma (Related to land acquisition; environmental conservation vs. economic development etc.

    • Environment degradation (2014)

    • Why villagers migrate? (2014)

    • Disaster management (2015)

    • Draft better Land-acquisition policy (2016)

  • Public Org-Corruption (Challenges of Corruption; Utilization of public funds)

    • “Shivaji-the Boss”: Movie plot (2016)

  • Public Org-RTI (Information sharing & transparency in government; RTI)

    • RTI: To hide or not to hide (2013)

    • Leaking information (2013)

  • Private organizations (Bribing, displacement, environmental degradation)

    • Give bribe or end career (2014)

    • Trade union issue (2015)

    • To do Drug Research on non-profitable disease or not? (2015)

    • To Whistle-blow against Polluting industry or not? (2016)

    • New Project hurting lifestyle of locals? (2016)

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