UPSC IAS Mains Important Topics for Essay and Ethics for 2019

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UPSC IAS Mains Exam important topic for Essay and case study as per previous year papers are as below.

Essay Topic:

  • Education (Test measure, Credit based higher education system)

  • Economics and Development (Policy, Growth, Capitalism, Crisis, GDP, GDH, PPP, India’s global leadership role, Gates-Buffett model)

  • Sports (Olympics)

  • Tourisms, Geography

  • Indian Democracy

  • Science and Technology

  • Science and Mysticism

  • Development (Women, youth, Human intelligence and Technical intelligence)

  • Culture

  • General (Motivational, Inspire, Manpower, Responsibility)

Case Study:

  • Society Attitude Case Study:

    Promoting Girl education while ensuring their safety (2015)

  • Family matter Case Study:

    Wife-beater Boss - To do something or not? (2016)

  • Work Culture and Office Case Study (Related to sexual harassment, work deadline, Chalta hai mindset, pressure etc)

    • Engineer - Bogus flyover vs deadline (2013)

    • Favoritism in Job recruitment (2013)

    • Sexual Harassment (2013)

    • Ethics not essential (2014)

    • Bogus rape complaint (2014)

    • Disillusioned UPSC topper (2014)

    • Dubious plot acquired for school (2015)

  • Compassion case study (Social welfare, child labourers etc)

    • Child Labourers in Sivakasi (2013)

    • Dalit Cook in Mid-day Meal (2015)

    • Poor woman without documentary proof? (2016)

  • Public Org- Dilemma (Related to land acquisition; environmental conservation vs. economic development etc.

    • Environment degradation (2014)

    • Why villagers migrate? (2014)

    • Disaster management (2015)

    • Draft better Land-acquisition policy (2016)

  • Public Org-Corruption (Challenges of Corruption; Utilization of public funds)

    “Shivaji-the Boss”: Movie plot (2016)

  • Public Org-RTI (Information sharing & transparency in government; RTI)

    • RTI: To hide or not to hide (2013)

    • Leaking information (2013)

  • Private organizations (Bribing, displacement, environmental degradation)

    • Give bribe or end career (2014)

    • Trade union issue (2015)

    • To do Drug Research on non-profitable disease or not? (2015)

    • To Whistle-blow against Polluting industry or not? (2016)

    • New Project hurting lifestyle of locals? (2016)

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