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Deciding Optionals for IAS / UPSC - 2 Do's & 2 Don'ts

Deciding Optional sin IAS/UPSC

Students go through a difficult phase in deciding what optional they should pick up and what not. During this phase, they are guided and misguided by a lot of colleagues and institutes. Here are some quick tips and notes for students by Dr. Manishika Jain guiding them to choose the optional. don՚t Switch and don՚t get misguided. Decide the optional based on your interest and background.

Deciding Optional Sin IAS/UPSC Iamge-1
Deciding Optional Sin IAS/UPSC Iamge-2
Deciding Optional Sin IAS/UPSC Iamge-3

Don՚t Switch

Switch Image

What Trend Speaks! !

What Trend Speaks Iamge
Optional SubjectCandidates selecting Optionals
HistoryAround 3000
GeographyAround 3000
Public AdministrationAround 3000
SociologyAround 3000
Philosophy + Psychology + Political Science + Economics< 2000
All other science/art subjects (in total)< 1000
All other science/art subjects (in total)< 1000
TotalAround 15,000

Certain Optionals Increase Selection Chance/Are More Scoring – a Myth!

Proportional Representation

don՚t get Misguided! !

Certain Optionals Increase Selection Chance Image

Coaching – Need or Necessity

Coaching – Need or Necessity Image

Optionals Beneficial for GS

Optionals Beneficial for GS Image