What Optionals to Take?

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A very noticable and remarkable question regarding those who answers but a real tough challenge for one who studies. By choosing an optional for the IAS is the most tough part thought off. Though it is not, Its just a relevant decision making.

Assumptions and Faults

  • Choosing an optional which leads to score more.
  • Altering optionals with the trend of selection ratio.
  • Going with the peer group's viewpoints and thoughts.
  • Being influenced badly by coaching centres.
  • Following the path of your seniors, what they did to attain success.
  • Induced by the interviews of successful candidates.


  • Workout for the optionals into which you have been engaged for very long.
  • Take up an optional that is useful for you. Its not just a few days matter, its the matter of years.
  • No one can gurantee that a particular optional scores more. The selection ratio is always proportionate to the agreggate candidates giving the paper.
  • Do not misled by the advertisements of coaching institutes who assures 100% success.
  • Be stick to the optional you have selected and put extreme effort into it. Do not keep moving forward with optionals.
  • Never change optionals if you get less score in the first attempt. Have the spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Do not rely completely on any of the coaching institute or study material.
  • Make your own strategy, dont copy others. Every IAS aspirant has a somehow special strategy to follow about, be firm and determined.
  • Never get induced and encouraged to take any optional on lines of your seniors success or any of the reading interviews.
  • The crucial interest must be in the optional.

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