Civil Services (Main) Examination 2012: Success Rate of All Optional Subjects

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Optional subject selection is hard and necessary decision, which requires lot of analysis. And it also involves lots of factors such as majority of candidate՚s optional subject՚s past performance and success-rate which is one of the most important factors.

According to the above factors we have analyses and short-listing optional subjects to make easy strategies for your preparation.

But the new pattern for Civil Services (Main) Examination still has only ONE optional subject.

  • The Civil Services Examination 2012 had some changes in Preliminary Examination pattern (optional subject was removed) and that has impacted the result trends for some of the most popular optional subjects for sure.
  • This year Medical Science was continue highest success-rate, whereas Economics Law, Commerce and Accounting and Management are also get place in this hear success-rate list

In CSE 2012 Optional Subject Success Rate

  1. Public Administration the most preferred subject among the optional subjects chosen by the candidates with success-rate of 5.1 %
  2. Geography
  3. Sociology
  4. Surprisingly and History most popular choice in past has dropped.
  5. Psychology
  6. Philosophy
  7. Political Science & International Relations
Optional Subject & Success Rate in IAS Mains 2012
S. No.Optional SubjectNumber of CandidatesSuccess Rate (Percent)
1Medical Science2355523.4
2Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science521223.1
6Commerce & Accountancy1882814.9
11Political Science & International Relations110712110.9
13Civil Engineering47510.6
22Electrical Engineering12686.3
24Public Administration70773565.1
25Mechanical Engineering6434.7
Performance of Literature of Language as Optional Subject
26Literature of Assamese Language8337.5
27Literature of Santhali Language3133.3
28Literature of Tamil Language1002525
29Literature of Urdu Language27622.2
30Literature of English Language641421.9
31Literature of Marathi Language39615.4
32Literature of Malayalam Language1251915.2
33Literature of Maithili Language751114.7
34Literature of Gujrat Language62914.5
35Literature of Kannada Language1231613
36Literature of Hindi Language5055911.7
37Literature of Sanskrit Language881011.4
38Literature of Telugu Language1001111
39Literature of Panjabi Language60610
40Literature of Pali Language378287.4
41Literature of Bengali Language1200
42Literature of Bodo Language100
43Literature of Dogri Language100
44Literature of French Language300
45Literature of Konkani Language100
46Literature of Manipuri Language2600
47Literature of Oriya Language1400
48Literature of Persian Language200
49Literature of Russian Language100
50Literature of Sindhi Language100

Be Careful While Analyzing Success-Rate

  • This is the hardest decision in the preparation because your rest of the future is depends on it, so don՚t be confused by Previous year data which shows number of candidates appearing with a particular optional subject with mixed luck for many optional subjects.
  • Decide your own subject, do not copy any one because every person has different ability so find out your comfortable zone and choose subject according to it.
  • The result and the success-rate of these subjects may be different every year it will be realized when data is compared year-on-year.

Pay More Attention at the Time of Analyzing Success-Rate of Literature of Languages

  • Most of the candidates are attract by the most popular optional subjects with whom candidates appear and similarly, get fascinated by those with the highest success-rate.

Final Conclusion

  • After analyzing success rate you will get that with all most all subject candidates had achieved successfully cleared exam so do not be confused and follow your hart choose the subject in which you think you can give your best.
  • If you have selected subject of your interests then preparation will be easy because the things of over interests we do better and also enjoy it.
  • Each and every subject has specific demands and as long as you can make justice to the choice, you may think of taking subject that you prefer.

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