Success Ratio of Geography Optionals in CSE

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Currently, Geography should be the optional subject with maximum number of successes only after the Public Administration.

Merit-List proves overflowing with successes of candidates with Geography as one of the optional subject. The success of Geography is due to the fact that its syllabus is well prepared and its relevance with the dynamic nature of General Studies is hence proven.

The majority of the candidates from pure Science/Engineering/Medical Sciences background safety chooses Geography as one of their optional subject.

2010 Merit List with Geography Optionals

Rank 4: Abhiram G Sankar

Rank 5: Pulkit Khare

Rank 11: Amit Kharti

Rank 13: Anirudh Sravan P

Rank 14: Vinay Pratap Singh

Rank 15: Rekhawar Rahul Ashok

Rank 18: Pommala Sunil Kumar

Rank 20: Hephsiba Rani Korlapati

Rank 23: Kurma Rao M

Rank 24: Chandra Sekhar Sakhamuri

Marks Achieved

Rank 14: Vinay Pratap Singh has achieved 307 marks in Geography.

Rank 15: Rekhawar Rahul Ashok has achieved 309 marks.

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2011 Merit List with Geography Optionals

  • Rank 4: Mangesh Kumar
  • Rank 38: Sundareshbabu M
  • Rank 43: Nooh P B
  • Rank 52: Priyanka Soni
  • Rank 57: Senthil Raj K
  • Rank 88: Ajay Singh Tomer
  • Rank 94: Chandra Vijay Singh