Success Ratio of Optionals

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Psychology is no doubt a very upcoming optional and famous because of its huge success ratio along with geography as well as public administration.

Merit-List seems overflowing with successes of candidates with psychology as one of the optional subject. The success of psychology is because of the fact that its syllabus is well prepared and its relevance with its well applicable nature.

The majority of the candidates from pure Sciences & Medical Sciences background safety chooses psychology as one of their optional subject.

2008 Merit List with Psychology Optionals

  • Rank 1: Shubhra Saxena
  • Rank 2: Sharandeep Kaur Brar
  • Rank 5: Bijay Ketan Upadhyaya
  • Rank 6: Yash Garg
  • Rank 7: Tarun Pithode
  • Rank 8: Suryapal Gangwar
  • Rank 9: S Sasikanth Senthil
  • Rank 14: Vipul Ujjwal
  • Rank 16: Varnali Deka
  • Rank 18: Chevvuru Hari Kiran
  • Rank 21: Raghav Langer

2009 Merit List with the Psychology Optionals

  • Anay Dwivedi (AIR 5)
  • Garima Mittal (AIR 8)

Refer Examrace Psychology Series

2011 Merit List with Psychology Optionals

  • Rank 1: Shena Aggarwal
  • Rank 97: Neha Arora