IAS: Books for Human Rights and Duties Subject

Get top class preparation for UGC Human-Rights right from your home: Get detailed illustrated notes covering entire syllabus: point-by-point for high retention.

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  1. Human Rights: Tasks, Duties and Functions by A. N. Roy- Buy from Amazon.in
  2. Human Rights and International Relations by R. J. Vincent- Buy from Amazon.in
  3. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights And Duties (Set of 10 Vols) by R. K. Dubey- Buy from Amazon.in
  4. UGC NET/SLET National Eligibility Test For JRF and Leectureship HUman Rights and Duties by Chopra- Buy from Amazon.in
  5. UGC NET/JRF/SLET HUMAN RIGHTS AND DUTIES Paper II & III by Arihant Experts- Buy from Amazon.in
  6. UGC NET/SET (JFR&LS) Human Rights & Duties Paper II & III by Fazil Atul Udaipuria- Buy from Amazon.in

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