IAS: Books for Performing Arts Subject

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  1. Integrating the Performing Arts by S. Rekha Rajan- Buy from Amazon.in
  2. Performing Arts (Focus on Fine Arts) by Mildred B. Bearne- Buy from Amazon.in
  3. The Performing Arts (Twentieth-Century Developments in Fashion and Costume) by Alycen Mitchell- Buy from Amazon.in
  4. The Art of Tabla Rhythm: Essentials, Tradition and Creativity (New Vistas in Indian Performing Arts) by Sudhir Kumar Saxena- Buy from Amazon.in
  5. Performing Arts (Ferguson Career Launcher) by Celia Watson Seupel- Buy from Amazon.in
  6. Performing Arts and Therapeutic Implications by Tanvi Bajaj- Buy from Amazon.in

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