CSAT Interpersonal Skills Sample Paper

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  1. A lied and said that she was going out with her parents on Saturday to see her best friend β a went to the mall with instead. What does this demonstrate?
    1. Hurtful messages
    2. Aggressiveness
    3. Deceptive communication
    4. Defensiveness
  2. Building Understanding consists what:
    1. Content Messages
    2. Relationship Messages
    3. Content Relationship and Contextual
    4. Both (a) and (b)
  3. Dynamics of interpersonal communications will consist:
    1. Body language and facial expression
    2. Posture
    3. Movement
    4. All of the above
  4. Imagine you are the only cashier working in a small store. A customer asks for help getting a product from the shelf. You would-
    1. Tell the customer it՚s a “self-serve only” store
    2. know that according to store policy, you can lock the cash register and help the customer
    3. leave the cash register as is so you don՚t get locked out of it and go help the customer
    4. Tell that we don՚t want to sell that product
  5. Interpersonal communication consists the following:
    1. Those interacting are in close proximity to each other, large number of participants many sensory channels used, immediate feedback.
    2. Small number of participants, those interacting are in close proximity to each other.
    3. Small number participants, those interacting are in close proximity to each other, few sensory channel immediate feedback.
    4. Small number of participants, those interacting are close to each other, many sensory channel used feedback in phases.
  6. In regard to communication, Situational context deals with:
    1. Psycho-physical-Relationship.
    2. Psycho-dynamic where one is communicating.
    3. Psycho-ethnic where one is communicating.
    4. Psycho-Social where one is communicating
  7. The interpersonal needs are all of the following except:
    1. Control
    2. Authority
    3. Inclusion
    4. Affection
  8. β got his first job at Company X and worked there until his retirement. He reports that he was very happy at work for the entire time he was there. As per the research mentioned in your text, which finding is characterized by feelings of β
    1. There is evidence that job satisfaction remains relatively stable over time.
    2. Emotional disposition of a worker is related to long-term job satisfaction.
    3. Neither of these statements applies to feelings of β
    4. Both of these statements apply to feelings of β