Decision Making and Ethics Questions for IAS CSAT Prelims Paper II Set 1

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1. What should be the preferable solution to overcome the problem of existence of antimicrobial-resistance super bug in Delhi՚s ground water?

(a) Prefer Ayurveda and band use of antibiotics

(b) don՚t be serious for such findings of Lancet study

(c) Check all available option of regulated and provide guideline to use of antibiotics

(d) don՚t care and leave it to the people for their preferences and choices

Answer: c

2. If an under-trial accused ask the police for permitting him to write some competitive examination and wishes for making suitable arrangements so in this situation what will be the right action on the part of the local police?

(a) Do not take interest in any such request as and under trial has no such right

(b) Inform the District Magistrate or any other executive magistrate for suitable direction

(c) Give permeation to him

(d) Get the difficulty placed before trial Court for suitable direction

Answer: d

3. If you are and if any immediate availability of radiologists are not there, and there is threat of Gamma Radiation and you are an administrator then at that time which steps will you take?

(a) Request the people to gather in open

(b) Request the people to gather in mud house

(c) Request the people to gather in a dense green cover

(d) Request the people to get inside the thick concrete structures

Answer: d

4. If you are District Magistrate to some local naxalite groups and hiding in forests, to abjure violence and become a beneficiary of the peace and development of the country and want to issue an application on behalf of the Government then which amongst the following modes of the communication could be more effective?

(a) Cable television

(b) Local radio broadcasting

(c) National news papers

(d) Local news papers

Answer: b

5. If a woman goes to a NGO which is working on woman issues in matters of some marital dispute, then in such matter which should be preferable?

(a) NGO is working for hearing with pro-active approach before matters take place in local Court

(b) Call related family members to reach and track the matter

(c) Recommend counselling and reconciliation

(d) Avoid the woman and let her file for the divorce case in the appropriate Court

Answer: b

6. If a political party wins majority in the Assembly, but the legislature party wants Governor to appoint a person the Chief Minister who has been convicted for two years or more and is not the members of the concerned house then find correct action on the part of the Governor?

(a) appoint the person to the concerned post

(b) Not to appoint the person in the concerned post

(c) To refer the matter to the Supreme Court for the advisory opinion

(d) To place the matter before the concerned House for suitable decision

Answer: d

7. In case of some labor-management dispute, there is management on one side and trade unions on the other side, then to safeguard their interest what should be done by these trade unions?

(a) They should bargain hard

(b) They should divide the activities

(c) First they should merge together

(d) They should collaborate together

Answer: d

8. Which of the following is an intuitive decision?

(a) With conscious reasoning

(b) Without conscious reasoning

(c) With conscious reasoning of value nature

(d) Without conscious reasoning when high pressure but with conscious reasoning when low pressure

Answer: b

9. What does Superordinate Goal mean?

(a) The goal of interacting members moderately than over all organization

(b) The goal of overall organization moderately than interacting members

(c) An individual՚s goal who is a member of small group

(d) The goal of small group

Answer: b

10. For more creative, constructive and performing team, decisions of the team members should be more:

(a) Factual

(b) Prompt

(c) Reasoned

(d) Varying

Answer: c