Decision Making and Ethics Questions for IAS CSAT Prelims Paper II Set 2

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1. For suitable modernization in the rural communication which factors are lacking?

1. Compared to industry and service sector Agriculture require less modernized communication

2. Less likely to notice about the degree of consumer notice about many of the modern communication products

3. Affordability is a comparatively problematic issue as looking to lower earning status of the people

4. Rural community believes in the tradition and local values so it is not attracted to the thrilling world of the communication

Select the correct Code:

(a) 3 Only

(b) 2 and 3 Only

(c) 1,2 and 3 Only

(d) 1,2, 3 and 4

Answer: c

2. In which of the following case the highest non-verbal communication required?

(a) When someone is communicates with his/her pet dog

(b) When two highly educated blind persons are communicating

(c) When two diplomats are communicating

(d) At the time of machine assisted communication in mass communication

Answer: a

3. While taking about the benefits of communication and IT to the rural areas which is proved as burden?

1. Insufficient availability of the program in the local languages

2. Insufficient time due to peoples are involved in the agriculture

3. More frequency of the joint family system

4. Limits of modern communication in its volume to tickle the rural masses

Select the correct Code:

(a) 1 Only

(b) 1 and 4 Only

(c) 1,2 and 4 Only

(d) 1,2, 3 and 4

Answer: a

4. For the benefits of the e-Governance and modern communication to the rural communities which of the following step will work effectively?

(a) Installing super computer at block level

(b) Computer literacy

(c) English education

(d) Expanding printing establishment

Answer: b

5. To take the benefits of agriculture research to the rural communities which of the following will be the best possible way?

(a) Hiring one agriculture scientist in every village

(b) Under the local government set up the agriculture research institutions

(c) Connect village knowledge centres with agriculture research institutions

(d) Founding the rural branches of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and more dispersing its set up

Answer: c

6. In rural set-up which is the biggest beneficiary of the modern IT and communication?

(a) Land record modernization

(b) Primary school management modernization

(c) Management of adult education programmes

(d) Management of meetings of the Gram Sabha

Answer: a

7. For applying the Right to Information and Transparency in the local governmental institutions more effectively then which will be more preferable step?

(a) In the local governmental institutions State Governments should issue orders concerning the Right to Information and Transparency

(b) For the Right to Information and Transparency should be incorporated in the local government enactments the provisions

(c) A more training on the e-Governance and modern modes of the communication, elected functionaries of the local government should be given

(d) In the local government, Gram Sabha should pass resolutions for the application of Right to Information and Transparency

Answer: b

8. For the rural areas which modern educational services in the lesser cost should have to prefer?

(a) Opening and growing the regional and local centres of the intuitions like AIIMS

(b) With the Village Knowledge Centres Connecting Primary Health Centres

(c) With the super specialty hospitals connecting the primary health centres

(d) In the Primary Health Centres placing super specialty doctors

Answer: c

9. Which component success in the rural development is largely depends on the local awareness generation?

(a) Rural roads

(b) Rural sanitation

(c) Rural electricity

(d) None of these

Answer: b

10. If you are working in any states tourism department and there is many privet tourism sector service providers are available which have web sites to promote the tourism information about the State. But that՚s creating confusion about the Government web site on the State Tourism. To overcome what you will do:

(a) Banning the private web sites

(b) Tell the private web site provider not to put information on State tourism

(c) Mention the word official web site in the State web site

(d) Remark the word State (Name of State) tourism information in the State Web Site

Answer: c

11. SMART Card in the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Development Guarantee Scheme is useful in:

1. Given that some check on corruption

2. An intellect of modernization in the rural poor

3. Technical skill building and training in the rural poor

Select the correct Code:

(a) 1 Only

(b) 1 and 2 Only

(c) 1,2 and 3

(d) None of these

Answer: b

12. In the rural customs system at various parts of the Country and the practice of veil a woman is likely to face the problem of communication with her:

(a) Mother in law

(b) Father in law

(c) Younger brother of her husband

(d) None of these

Answer: b

13. Improvement in the communication abilities of the rural youth will be major beneficiary of jobs which amongst the following?

(a) Production industry

(b) Telecom Industry

(c) Research and development projects

(d) Call centres

Answer: d

14. The people so well don՚t remember the events during their beginning stage because of:

(a) They had not been so active in that stage

(b) At that stage many human՚s senses and body part are not developed

(C) Due to limited contact with outside world

(d) For support organs they are more dependent on others, not developed in that stage

Answer: b

15. In the trends of rural-urban migration which of the following is better restrain?

(a) More capability of communication in rural areas

(b) Enhancing opportunities in rural areas

(c) Open local community information centres

(d) Conveying more entertainment facilities in rural areas

Answer: b

16. Space probes give valuable information on ________ so they are much use for the agriculture.

(a) Agriculture technology

(b) Rural culture

(c) Agri-business

(d) Weather

Answer: d

17. Which of the following statement is correct?

(a) Most communicative peoples are usually most knowledgeable

(b) most knowledgeable peoples are generally most communicative

(c) More knowledge benefits for the effective communication

(d) Pre-condition of research and development is friendly behaviour

Answer: c

18. When a doctor understands ________ kinds of patients then Verbal communication is bound to face more constraints?

(a) Uneducated person

(b) Highly educated person

(c) Infant child

(d) None of these

Answer: c

19. Which is a correct statement?

(a) Physical adjustments of the brain have the impact of mind

(b) Physical modifications of the mind have the impact on brain

(c) Mind and brain are one and the equal

(d) None of these

Answer: a

20. Which skills are important to improve inter-personal relations?

(a) Knowledge of technology

(b) Cognitive skills

(c) Teaching skills

(d) Creative skills

Answer: b

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